Gummi goes to Oslo (again)

Gummi and I went to Oslo today for a little socialization + I had some stuff to do at work. We took the train in, walked through one of the busiest areas of town to my work place, I did some useful stuff and Gummi got lots of kisses and scritches and then we took the train home from there.

I’m working this weekend so we probably won’t get too much training done, but at least I’m going to try visual targets:

Also – remember tomorrow is the last day you can enter our giveaway!

Then something very sad… For those of you who have not already heard a very tragic event occurred when the Huston Pittie Pack’s home burned down. They managed to get Brinks and Bella out, but sadly Shelby, Guero, Coco Chanel, Lucky and Tiger have gone to the rainbow bridge. It must be the worst nightmare of any pet owner. I couldn’t stop crying when I read about it… Please drop by their blog and give your support. (

Also – if you don’t already have it I strongly suggest you put up notes on your door/windows with the number of cats/dogs in your house in case of a fire when you are not home! And, of course, be careful with candles and all the extra risks of fires we see at this time of the year! And something not fire related now that I’ve started on my safety rant is to have a card in your wallet with information about your pets and who should look after them if something happens to you while you’re out.

Hug your loved ones!
Ane & the WriggleButts

3 thoughts on “Gummi goes to Oslo (again)

  1. Good idea about the alert for our animals. So sad to hear about the pittie pack 😦

    And congratulations on winning Bolo’s Snosevember competition.


  2. What a fun outing for you, Gummi!
    Our mom has been crying all day just thinking about the Pittie Pack tragedy. It’s so horrible. Our hearts are just breaking for them!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We heard about the Pittie Pack from Dog Foster Mom and have felt all turned around since we read of their tragedy.LP feels so incredibly sad, and upset about it. She followed Shelby’s rescue and healing closely.Then Shelby was given a home by the Pittie Pack and now a mere year later she has tragically lost her life along with four others.We can’t imagine what their Mama is going through.
    Life can be so cruel.

    the critters in The Cottage xo

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