When Bajas and I moved to Oslo in 2008 because of my studies it didn’t seem like a good idea to go get a puppy. I think it’s great doing the puppy stuff when you’re studying and have such flexible days.. But, I wasn’t really allowed to have any pets in the tiny studio apartment I’d gotten. I chose to risk it with Bajas knowing he was a well mannered, quiet guy. But – I felt bad about leaving him all alone when I had work or classes.. So when Lene offered to let Virus live with me I jumped at the opportunity. I thought the Devon Rexes were quite strange looking initially, but eventually fell in love with their looks after falling for their personality.

Lene drove across the mountains with him for me, as she was shipping another kitten from Oslo anyway. He was the tiniest thing… So weird and cute. He thought Bajas was pretty scary..

…even if he actually was the crazy one..

They became friends pretty fast, though, and have been friends ever since. Even if Bajas sometimes find Virus a teeny bit annoying.

Virus is, somehow, a grumpy old man in a young cat’s body.. He’s afraid of cats and not too keen on new people.. After we removed all kibble from his diet he became a much happier cat, though. And his very favorite thing is exploring, so when we’re home and outside he’s allowed to roam on our property. And we will sometimes take him along to explore other places as long as they can be considered pretty safe.

Buddies in the sun.Photobucket




Virus doesn’t like Gummi much (yet), but he’s even willing to be around The Little Annoying One if it means going exploring. We don’t call him Virus the Explorer for nothing. ❤ Photobucket

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