New collars. Again.

A while back Mom ordered us a couple of nice new collars! It’s a good thing we don’t exactly *need* collars as their arrival was delayed by a couple of months(!). They are top quality, though, and of course we look GREAT!

 photo IMG_2534.jpg
We were not the most cooperative models in the world…

 photo IMG_2540.jpg
These are the “Elegado” collars from KorysWorld on Etsy (

 photo IMG_2541.jpg
Especially somepuppy… (Gummi: “amateur!”)

 photo IMG_2542.jpg
Lovely, vibrant colors. (Mom’s number two weakness after us ;))

 photo IMG_2522.jpg

 photo IMG_2525.jpg

 photo IMG_2526.jpg

 photo IMG_2243.jpg
I already have some of Pipette in her collar, since she got hers first. Gummi was away with PA up by the lake when the package arrived.

 photo IMG_2161c.png

Hear me roar!

Mom ordered a pair of silly lion “manes” for us for Halloween. They didn’t arrive in time and were just stuck in one of the drawers of Dog Stuff for later. But when Mom popped in there to pick up a few treats for a photo session with our new collars she saw them and brought them outside, too. She was rather impressed with how good I looked. But really, I always look good and she should have known better.

 photo IMG_2549.jpg

 photo IMG_2557.jpg

 photo IMG_2567.jpg

 photo IMG_2588.jpg

 photo IMG_2594.jpg

 photo IMG_2597.jpg
I think Pipette needs a size medium rather than small if she’s to have the same effect as Gummi (if it’s even possible). She’s a cute little shaggy pony, though.

 photo IMG_2605.jpg

 photo IMG_2607.jpg
C’mon Gummi – let’s PLAY!

Sorry – gotta go!


We spent almost two weeks at our cottage. Mom’s severely sprained her ankle and is on “crate rest”, but we left anyway!

 photo IMG_0769.jpg
Pipette had her very first boat trips

 photo IMG_0782.jpg

 photo IMG_0785.jpg
Pretty, right?

 photo IMG_0810.jpg

 photo IMG_0817.jpg

 photo IMG_0846.jpg
We went through the channel that goes trough the narrowest part of the island!

 photo IMG_0870.jpg
Pipette wasn’t entirely certain that the boat was a good place to be

 photo IMG_0876.jpg

 photo IMG_0892.jpg
Mom had to keep her leg up! 😉

 photo IMG_0897.jpg
I had a good time!

 photo IMG_0902.jpg

 photo IMG_0905.jpg

 photo IMG_0922.jpg
Pipette on top of the world! 🙂

 photo IMG_0931.jpg

 photo IMG_0933.jpg

 photo IMG_0959.jpg
Having a little chat with Virus on the porch!

 photo IMG_0964.jpg
Playing with my little sissy

 photo IMG_0976.jpg

 photo IMG_1007.jpg
Such a beautiful view from the deck!

 photo IMG_1015.jpg

 photo IMG_1023.jpg
Pipette is growing up

 photo IMG_1036.jpg

 photo IMG_1049.jpg

Going mental!

Just over a week ago we took Gummi to take a standardized test that looks at the temperament and mental staus of a dog. They look at their interest in people, chasing, playing, scary things, the sound of gunfire and (perhaps most importantly) how well they calm down after a scary event. This is not something you train the dog for it’s supposed to show how the dog is naturally. The data is compiled to give an idea about how a certain breed is (and whether it’s changing over time or not) and can be useful for breeders particularly. It’s one of the things Gummi’s breeder wishes her puppy buyers to do, along with a few different health tests. It was also really fun and interesting!

Here is a video of everything apart from the first sequence where the test leader took Gummi away from me on leash (he came with her, looked back once and then pulled on the leash all the way back). The texting is in Norwegian and there’s some talking in Norwegian on there, too, but it’s easy enough to see what’s happening if you want to watch.

Gummi MH from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Gummi thought it was a very strange place to take a walk! 😉

Trick of the day 13 wipe your paws

We’ve been working on the thirteenth trick from FreestyleHundar’s trick challenge.

FHTOTD 13 video 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

First session

FHTOTD 13 video 2 pips from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Pipette’s second session. She’s so CUTE!

FHTOTD 13 video 2 gummi from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Gummi finished his trick today! Doing it outside might be too much distraction for Pipette at the moment but we’ll see! Doing it from a meter away is the criteria, so she can finish her trick indoors if necessary.