Back in 2009 Virus had a hot date with this cutie:

CH S*Lustan’s June Carter aka Våfflan. A few weeks later Våfflan had a litter of 4 black and white kittens. One of the boys, Poirot, came here to live with his dad and goes by the name of Hyssing.

Hyssing (Poirot) and Pralinë.

We usually say that Hyssing is supposed to be all black, but he’s just SO blond on the inside it’s showing through.. He’s such a silly little cat.. always looking for someone to give him scritches and purrs louder than any cat I’ve ever met. Whenever you try to do something he’ll be there trying to convince you into cuddling with him instead.
I iz on the telly!

Hyssy August 2011

Snuggling with his dad – look how much his furs have grown in! (January 2012)

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