Brilliant Recalls, Brilliant People

Hi everyone!

Gummi here! Mom and I had FUN today! Remember we joined the 5 Minute Formula for a Brilliant Recall/Recallers 3.0? Well on the forum there Mom came across a lady who lives not too far from us, so today we met up for a training session. It was crazy slippery outside – lots of ice – but we found a few places we could walk safely. You should have seen the humans on the ice.. Hee hee….
Here’s a photo of me in the snow instead. Snow is MUCH better than ice..

I had the ladies lined up, treats and toys ready, and then I just went between them for yummies and lots of fun tugging. Humans are so easy to train! Then Naomi got out this really foxy little lady! She smelled SOOOO good! As long as I came over to Mom when she called I was allowed to hang out with her. How cool was that? Mom tried to get a video of ME, but not surprisingly she messed up… Hopefully she’ll do better when we meet up again in January.

We’ve also played fun games inside, today – this Recaller stuff makes Mom play more games and less of the boring stuff!

Big kisses, Gummi!

PeeEss: remember to check out the GIVEAWAY!

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