Gummi was born March 20, 2011 in Älvkarleby, Sweden. His registred name is Kronsäter’s Gambler and he’s red with a black mask and white chest and paw.

Baby Gummi shortly after leaving his first home and ready for new adventures.

Gummi thought his new home was pretty great – complete with no less than THREE live stuffed animals! Yeah! (The live stuffed animals were a tad less thrilled.)

Gummi looking silly after eating a slug (eww..) and then eating grass with his sticky mouth..

Gummi is everything I expected – a completely crazy puppy, happy and wonderful! He takes much more time to grow up compared to what I’m used to, but we’re having lots of fun. We’ve done a little very basic obedience work and have started with tracking and he loves it! We’re going to Sweden to do some basic agility (don’t have to travel that far but it fit so well into our schedule) in July and hopefully he’ll love that, too!

15 months old, June 2012

August 2013

ugust 2013

Puppy class (Camilla, Canis. Graduated September 2011)
Obedience I (Camilla, Canis. Graduated November 2011)
Obedience II (Camilla, Canis. Graduated March 2012)
Tracking (Camilla, Canis. Weekend. April 2012)
Agility camp – basic agility @ Klickerklok (Fanny Gott & Karine Hauan, July 2012)
Obedience III (Camilla, Canis. Graduated October 2012)
Scent discrimination I (Stig Meier Berg May 2013)
Obedience camp  @ Klickerklok (Fanny Gott & Thomas Stokke, July 2013)
Rally obedience (Christine Sørsveen, Canis. Graduated October 2013)

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