A weekend of training

It’s been a wonderful weekend of dog training! It was the second weekend of the “year long” (= four weekends a few months apart) dog trainer-class and Pipette was a star!

I was lucky and sweet Ann Kristin with Mimmi (pomeranian) took a few photos of Pipette in action.
 photo IMG_2666.jpg

 photo IMG_2664.jpg
My bouncy puppy!

 photo IMG_2656.jpg
Get that thing!

She played really well on Saturday, despite lots of people and action. She was a bit more easily distracted on Sunday, probably because I had better treats on Sunday. I only used dry kibble on Saturday which was my bag of back-up treats. But since I left the proper treats that was what we had to work with and she was perfectly happy with it. She had a couple of rounds on Saturday trying to get some of the fun people to play and cuddle with her. Unfortunately they were all broken and just ignored her. How rude! (VERY useful training for a social little doggie.) She had a GREAT hand target session and a good heeling- and (jumping) stand session, too.

 photo IMG_2654.jpg
Sunday she was more easily distracted. She’d rather have treats than the toy and I spent a large amount of time running around and tossing the toys until she’d finally show interest in it. It would have been better to do training that didn’t require treats so she didn’t have them at all, probably, but OTOH this bit of “don’t wanna don’t hafta” might be useful to work through, too. We did eventually move into a different room (one of the other dogs were really noisy) with only a couple of crated dogs and a few people watching and that eliminated the DWDH. I think all the people and dogs training (we were 4 dogs at a time in the main room and 8 handlers + two instructors) PLUS really yummy chicken and meatballs at the same time was too much for her to make the good choice and stick with me.

 photo IMG_2652.jpg
Sunday we worked on “flow”. Having a fluent behavior means it’s automated and the dog hardly has to think to perform it. Basically you do lots of repetitions (we worked on sit) until you have virtually no time between eating the treat for a well performed repetition and doing it again. Sit – click – chew -sit and so on. Then stupid me wanted to change to a different behavior once she was fluent with sit. Instead she chose to demonstrate one of the benefits of a fluent behavior – it’s very resilient towards extinction. So she just sat, and sat, and sat some more. She tried sit/stay and she tried multiple sits, but she didn’t ever lie down like I was hoping she’d do. I should probably have decided to click for “anything not sitting down” but by the time I realized just how much time it would take before she came up with anything other than the sit… well… Let’s just say I’ll do it a bit differently next time, but I was really happy with her intensity and willingness to keep working even when sitting didn’t work “the way it was supposed to”.

 photo IMG_2649.jpg
Then we worked on doggie zen and she was almost TOO good. I haven’t used this kind of training with a bowl before, just treats or toys on the ground and she wouldn’t take a treat/toy on my que if it was in a bowl. Just shows you how important it is to vary how you do stuff. So we worked mostly on getting a reliable release to a reward in a bowl. We made a lot of progress, but need to keep working on this. Having a bowl can help with visibility at a distance (help the dog to find the treat or toy in the grass or whatever) so it’s useful to spend some time on this.

Pipette can wipe her paws, too!

FHTOTD 13 video 3 pips from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

She’s a clever little one 🙂 Getting a good recall is going to be a challenge, but she’s so smart! We’re doing the LoLaBuLand online puppy/tricks class at the moment and she’s enrolled in obedience class in May. They only had puppy class or obedience level 2 so I asked if we could join the level 2-class and that was okay. It’s later and easier for me to get to on time, plus she’ll have a lot of her basic skills in place by then. Will be interesting to see how she’ll work around other dogs, though.

Trick of the day 13 wipe your paws

We’ve been working on the thirteenth trick from FreestyleHundar’s trick challenge.

FHTOTD 13 video 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

First session

FHTOTD 13 video 2 pips from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Pipette’s second session. She’s so CUTE!

FHTOTD 13 video 2 gummi from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Gummi finished his trick today! Doing it outside might be too much distraction for Pipette at the moment but we’ll see! Doing it from a meter away is the criteria, so she can finish her trick indoors if necessary.

Turn around – Freestylehundars Trick of the Day challenge # 12

This Monday Susanne started another challenge at the Freestylehundar website/Facebook group and of course we accepted the challenge!

The official video:

The group is in Swedish, but if any of our English speaking friends want to join in the fun I’m know you will be welcome. As you can see the tutoreal videos are in English and most members would be able to help with questions in English as well. You find the group HERE!

We started a few days ago, but didn’t get any video until today. We had Caroline and Hamlet over last night for some training and after that things suddenly started to fall into place so this is our first video!

FTOTD 12 video 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Working on a handstand

Mom and I have been working on a new trick. Since I’ve learned to walk on my hind legs it was time to learn to walk/stand on my front legs!

This video is high quality, so if your interwebs are slow you might want to choose the other one!

handstand 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

The smaller file:

handstand liten from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.


Trick of the day #11 Tidying up

Triks 11 video 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

We’ve completed another one of Freestylehundar’s Trick of the day challenges! This time Gummi had to tidy up 3 objects in one session. Since we’ve worked with similar things already it wasn’t a great challenge. It was all about convincing Gummi the toy he’d already put in the box couldn’t just be picked back up and deposited again for a new treat. 😉

Mom and PA went to Thailand for a couple of weeks so we only had two weeks instead of four, so it was good to have a head start!

Marching on!

We actually managed the 4 steps on Monday! We still have some work to do to make this i reliable trick, but it’s been very challenging and fun. A year ago I would never have believed he’d be able to tell the difference between his front legs! We’ll keep working on waving with the two feet separately, too!