Tracking Course Day I and II

Hi everyone! It’s been crazy busy and uploading the pix took forever and.. well.. now I’m all out of excuses, I think. ;O)

I do, however, have more pix from the tracking course. The sunny ones are from day one and the gray ones from day two. It really was a wonderful weekend, even with rain, snow and sleet on day two.

First – Camilla and Mia does the demo on day I.

Adorable Mia! (Aussie)

Gummi on his first track – it was WAY to easy for him, and he ran past 95% of the treats. Seriously. 😉 Thanks Anita for taking the pix of us on the first day!

Ruth the Giant Schnauzer.

Kira the tolling retriever.

It was a really beautiful day on Saturday!

Hamlet the Havanaise. He worked very well, but had some challenges with short legs and long furs. He got stuck from time to time.

No worries, though, his human helped him out!

Norwegian Lundehund – Holli

Sunday wasn’t quite as lovely – rain, sleet and snow.. but high spirits!

Almost all of us – including Freia the kelpie.

Gummi’s last track of the weekend that Caroline had laid (the first one that I hadn’t laid for him), not his longest, maybe 200 meters and with two 90 degree angles + over a little stream. Thanks Caroline for taking pictures along the way!

He couldn’t quite believe she’d really crossed it – but since it seemed like she had he went over.

And he found the end, too!

I’m surprised how much he liked it and how fun that made it for me, too! What’s even better was that two of the others live in our area and we can get together for more tracking! I did this course partially because if he liked it it’s something we can do on our own, but having others to do it with is even better!


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