After days of rain, rain and more rain we finally got some SUN. It might not be so obvious in the photos since we’re in the woods. But trust us. There was blue skies and high spirits. I took the camera along and got some photos of my little needlenose! IMG_2161


Being all objective and everything I’ve got to say she’s pretty darn cute!


She’ll even stand still and pose for a while which is a huge improvement! IMG_2245



I just can’t seem to get a decent action photo of her, though…





I hope you’re all having a great Sunday!

Pipette & Ane

Beach trip and duck

We’re travelling again! This time we went up to the lake. We haven’t been there in AGES!

 photo IMG_1204.jpg
Look what we found!

 photo IMG_1204.jpg
He was a little scairt so I went out to get him!

 photo IMG_1219.jpg

 photo IMG_1223.jpg

 photo IMG_1237.jpg

 photo IMG_1238.jpg

 photo IMG_1244.jpg
Mwahahaha… He retrieves, I steal!

 photo IMG_1273.jpg
Mom brought our lighthouse, too!

 photo IMG_1264.jpg

 photo IMG_1278.jpg

 photo IMG_1279.jpg

 photo IMG_1320.jpg

Now it’s time for a nice, long NAP!



We spent almost two weeks at our cottage. Mom’s severely sprained her ankle and is on “crate rest”, but we left anyway!

 photo IMG_0769.jpg
Pipette had her very first boat trips

 photo IMG_0782.jpg

 photo IMG_0785.jpg
Pretty, right?

 photo IMG_0810.jpg

 photo IMG_0817.jpg

 photo IMG_0846.jpg
We went through the channel that goes trough the narrowest part of the island!

 photo IMG_0870.jpg
Pipette wasn’t entirely certain that the boat was a good place to be

 photo IMG_0876.jpg

 photo IMG_0892.jpg
Mom had to keep her leg up! 😉

 photo IMG_0897.jpg
I had a good time!

 photo IMG_0902.jpg

 photo IMG_0905.jpg

 photo IMG_0922.jpg
Pipette on top of the world! 🙂

 photo IMG_0931.jpg

 photo IMG_0933.jpg

 photo IMG_0959.jpg
Having a little chat with Virus on the porch!

 photo IMG_0964.jpg
Playing with my little sissy

 photo IMG_0976.jpg

 photo IMG_1007.jpg
Such a beautiful view from the deck!

 photo IMG_1015.jpg

 photo IMG_1023.jpg
Pipette is growing up

 photo IMG_1036.jpg

 photo IMG_1049.jpg

Boots – Pawz

We’ve been skiing again!
 photo 20130215_094637.jpg
Fourth time for Gummi and this time we did 5 kilometers. The previous trips were 2.5, 2.5 and 3.5. Although the average speed is higher than when walking the main reason I increase gradually is that he needs to learn new rules – like not crossing the ski tracks without permission and to make sure he doesn’t hurt a paw or otherwise injures himself with the increased amount of running.

 photo 2e7bddff-83ff-4e28-8a56-9336163b5a4a.jpg
Gummis paws are (unfortunately) not as strong as I’d wished. If he gets to run around by himself in the snow barefeet he tends to end up bleeding.. so we’ve been searching for dog boots that fit and (this is the tricky part) stay on!

The boots he’s been wearing these last few days are the deflated baloon style boots from Pawz. It was Brutus the Frenchie that introduced us to them a few years back, but we haven’t actually tried them until this winter.

Our review: Although they look sooper stoopid, they stay on very well even on the smooth legs of breeds like the staffie. The main balloon part is wider than necessary and a few times he’s stepped on one. I might get him one size smaller for the back legs as those feet are smaller. They can be a pain to get on, but not a lot more so than other dog boots. They are convenient when you put them on inside as they give nice grip on smooth floors. They don’t provide any kind of warmth, but they prevent snow to be packed between the toes and that’s the most important thing.

We have several other kinds of boots, too, that we’ll tell you more about another day!

Lovely walkie with Turbo!

Birgitte and Turbo joined us for a walk while up by the lake! He’s a little grumpy at times and didn’t want to wrestle with me, but we still had lots of fun!

Wanna wrestle?

Do you?

Oh.. I guess not..

I’ll just drink a little like you, Turbo!

Right paws forward!


He was all watching and stuff… while I…


Pretty, huh?

I can levitate!






I’m looking forwards to walkies with them again soon!


I’m a Superhero!

I’m a superhero – but I think you already knew, didn’t you?!


“Gummi has mastered the ability to change shape into a gorilla, however doing so drains his flexibility for one minute. Additionally, he developed the talent to make duplicates of himself and he can transform any penguin into titanium. Gummi has learned to communicate with dinosaurs from a distance and he combats assailants using a magical club that can force attackers to freeze in place. Additionally, he is able to edit the memories of others. Unfortunately, Gummi is especially vulnerable to ice-based attacks. ”

BOL! I’ve used the Random Superhero Generator – you can find it here: What are your super powers?!

Oh yeah – Mom’s one, too! ” Ane is known for her awesome proficiency at concentration. She also has the power to copy all powers of her enemies and she has been known to become tiny. Ane possesses the power to force germs to ramble incoherently and she has the ability to become invisible. Additionally, she battles assailants wielding a lethal sword that also grants a legendary fame throughout the nation. Sadly, Ane takes harm from exposure to rock. ”

They really got that last part right! Mom slipped on a root while out walking and smashed her hip into a rock when she fell.. Methinks she got that “fall” thing all wrong. It’s the SEASON itself, Mom, no falling required. Unless you’re a leaf.


We love fall!


Mom absolutely loves crisp, sunny fall days! And so do I!
Finally it’s cool enough to take nice long walks without overheating. And no more leash restrictions!

It’s quite muddy out there, though!

But as soon as we get up a little higher there’s mostly stone and even if they can get a little slippery, it’s fairly nice to walk up there. We’re hoping for nice days of frost but no snow, though. Let the mud freeze!

And when we got home Mom relaxed on the couch for a few minutes before starting on dinner (Norwegian fish balls, actually).. I found something in the kitchen and when I came running into the living room she asked me to show here what I had. So I gave her the popsicle. You should have seen her face! I almost rolled on the floor laughing my tail off! Took her a while to figure out that Per Arne had gotten one out of the freezer, but left it on the counter instead of eating it (he ate one of Mom’s freshly baked oatmeal cookies instead). I’d sorta looked forward to eating that popsicle, but Mom got so tired from using her brain that I let her have it instead.