Training pupdate

Hi everyone!

If you haven’t already we want to encourage you to look at our post from yesterday about helping our friend Zula win the photo competition!

We didn’t get any training done last week as Mom was sick – we didn’t even go to our class. We can assure you Mom has to feel like c***p to stay home from that! Either way – we’ve done a little better this week even if Mom isn’t completely back to normal. (Yeah, yeah – her normal, not proper normal.) Have we told you how we’ve joined a few from our dog club and rented an indoor training place on Tuesdays? Two weeks ago Gummi did mostly relaxation stuff as there were sooo much to smell and look at in the new place. This week we got some more training done.

It’s below zero (Celcius) outside and dark, but here it’s warm and nice and bright!

He’s spending quite a bit of time sniffing the carpet.. all the dogs that have been in here have left plenty of scents. Since nagging dogs to pay attention is generally rewarding them for *not* paying attention. (Why look at Mom if she lets you know when she wants you to.) I’ve decided I’ll just ignore his sniffing and it does seem to be less and less of it and once I have his attention he works well. It’s challenging to just stand there while he sniffs, though..

Hey guys!

We trained backing up, stay in position, paw target (mouse pad), picking up the dumbbell.. um.. I think that’s about it. He also offered a lot of rolling over and jumping onto the chair. We also trained “greeting” – had one of the others approach us and back up every time he pulled in her direction. It’s along the “It’s yer choice” principles so it looks like he got the point. We haven’t done this since the middle of puppy class, I think.

Today we went to class, which is outside. I was a bit worried he’d get cold (I put on plenty of warm clothes). Thankfully he can still use Bajas’ knit sweater.. the one I’ve started for him is still less than half done.

They’ve got their Christmas lights up.. it’s sad, really, how soon the decorations come up.. Shouldn’t be any until December if you ask me! Either way we had a good class. Started out with some individual work. Did a little backing up (so-so) and then worked with the dumbbell. He’s really doing well with that! Then we worked with the lady who owns a Shorthaired Collie called Pia. Started out with more dumbbell work, this time holding onto it rather than picking it up. He still doesn’t hold it long on his own, but if I pull on it he will hold on tight which is great. Then we did recall and, not surprisingly, he did great! He’s so cute, running as fast as he can. I love the silly little dog!


4 thoughts on “Training pupdate

  1. Momma passes a house on the way home from work that has the holiday lights up. She shakes her fist at them.

    Nice job with the training. I think that look at mom stuff is overrated. It isn’t like she has a head made of cheese.


  2. Your training looks like its going good. We train but have something called selective hearing
    Benny & Lily

  3. Looks like it’s going good! I’m working on hand signals and agility. We have a park in my city that has Christmas lights up all year round. Hope your mom feels better.
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  4. What amazing work you do. Gummi is a clever little pup 🙂

    We’re patiently waiting until December to put our decorations up. They’ve been up in the shops for over a month already!

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