Wanna help out our friend? (It’s easy)

Our friend is entered in a photo contest – will you vote for her?

This is Zula, she’s a Bengal cat. Isn’t this a fun picture of her?

You should find her photo here: http://www.petworld.no/?nr=182&startrow=120&ID=

Then choose “6” under her photo and press “Stem” to vote. You can only vote once from every IP address – but you can vote from your phone, work, home and anyplace you can think of if you want to! (If the photo isn’t on that page it must have moved to page number 5, it’s currently on page number 4 but sometimes new photos are added.)

4 thoughts on “Wanna help out our friend? (It’s easy)

  1. Hi guys! The Chans told us about you too 🙂 We can’t believe we have counterparts in Norway! How cool is that? We are in Vancouver, Canada.How old is Hyssing? (pronounced High Sing?). Our kittens are fifteen weeks old. We also have Esme who is a pointed devon rex and Mitalee who is a selkirk rex.And two dogs! We also foster senior cats.It’s a zoo at our house but we love it! 🙂
    Drop by again.We would love to visit you again too.Could you give us your URL address so that we can add you to our sidebar? Thanks!

    LP and the critters in The Cottage xo

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