Trouble on the road…

Hi guys. As I'm typing this we are on a train on our way to grandpa. Our first train got delayed due to a bomb scare at the airport. So we decided to take a different route. Then our train breaks down and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere for almost an hour until another train came to pull us along until the next major station where we took the train that left Oslo one hour behind us. So now we wonder what will go wrong when we get to the ferry. BOL! good thing mom knitted sweaters for Hyssing and Virus and made warm covers for their crates so they don't freeze. I even got my coat on just in case.

Kisses, Bajas.

9 thoughts on “Trouble on the road…

  1. Our paws are crossed that no more problems come your way! You've paid your dues! Geez! Have a merry Christmas with your grandpa, guys!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

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