Monday cuteness

My grandchildren are just over two weeks now – can you believe how cute they are? We completely forgot to thank their breeder, Kristina, and credit her for the pictures last time we posted their pix. The cattery website is:

Mom’s been ooh’ing and ahh’ing over this picture all night. This is S*Älskade Skare

The girls

Cuddle pie!

Mom actually went to Sweden today, but not quite far enough into the country to visit these cuties. She came home with all sorts of yummy meatables for us to eat, though.


9 thoughts on “Monday cuteness

  1. Hi Virus! Wow your grandbabies are just so cute! We are so behind we didn't even know about them til now! We think it is cool they are in Sweden – our dad's cousin lives there. We wish they were looking for a kitten – we know where we would send them (but they just had a baby so they are dealing with that stickiness right now!) We can see why you would be a very proud grandpa!

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