Today we are a tired bunch. Mom’s been trying to write her theoretical translation essay. She’s been able to squeeze out about 1500 semi-coherent words and is giving up for now. The theoretical part only counts 30% so why does it have to be so much harder? BOL! I’ve been helping all I can muster of course, stepping on her books, taking a walk on the keyboard, whining to go for walks, demanding food, looking unhappy when all I got was kibble? (I cannot understand why the lady still tries to make me eat meat flavored corn flakes from time to time! She mumbles stuff about having to eat what we’ve got left.) You get the idea…

Last night she was so tired she was in bed just after 8 PM and slept to 9AM today (not counting two trips to settle the cats fighting around midnight. Not bad fighting, really, she just didn’t want any kind of fight of play fight while Hyssy’s cuts were so fresh), wonder if she’ll last longer tonight. Hee hee hee..


8 thoughts on “Tired

  1. hang in there! I can relate to having to eat what's left in the house…old breakfast cereal, three times a day…be nice to your Mama!

  2. Oh it sounds like it is a tiring thing to write that paper! We can totally understand why your mom is tired!! We think it is great that you are trying to help her with it Bajas – we know she must appreciate it!

  3. Oh, that paper sounds like a real doozy to have to do. Hope things go well for Mom tonight.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and CiaraPee Ess, Mom didn't want other pet owners to get upset if Ciara were a distraction for them, they might not all understand that distraction is good. And then we didn't want to risk having Ciara have to experience anything traumatic at her young age.

  4. BajasIt sounds like despite ouw wondewful help youw Mom is pwetty tiwed and stwessed. I hope hew wowk on this will be done soon and the kitties stay calm so that Hyssy's cuts can heal completelysmoochie kissesASTA

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