Healing and Thankful Tuesday.

First of all! We’re so touched and thankful for all the offers to help Mom! The blogosphere really is the best. She just got her assignment a couple of hours ago and is about to start writing. She took Hyssy to the vet today to get his man-parts cut off. Poor guy. He’s all wobbly on his feet and sleepy from the surgery. Virus didn’t like him at all when he got back and hissed and growled at him. Please keep your fingers crossed that he gets a grip and treats the poor little guy better once he wakes up properly! Mom’s locked him in his carrier to sleep off the drugs so he’s comfy for now.

I gotta go help Mom, perhaps we’ll post some pictures of the little surgery victim later today.


Edit: Here are a couple of pix!
When you’re all knocked out from the drugs it’s nice to have a warm brudder to sleep next to.

Ssssoo sneepy…

13 thoughts on “Healing and Thankful Tuesday.

  1. Hi buddies! I hope Hyssy is recovering well now and that Virus isn't still upset with him.Have a great rest of the week! And thank you for your birthday wishes!xo

  2. As I recall, my cats were often rude to each other when they came back home from the vet's office. I think that smell lingers on them, and they don't like it. I hope everything returns to normal when the effects of the sleepy juice wear off. Good luck with your writing efforts!

  3. You are quite right. It's common for them to dislike the strange "vet smells".. It's just that when Bajas had his surgeries he was so sweet and stayed with him. It was clear that he understood he wasn't feeling well and he took extra care of him. Hence the confusion when he got so angry this time. He's quieted down quite a bit now, fortunately.Ane

  4. aww, sweet hyssy, you will feel better very soon. he is such a big boy now! these photos really show how much he has filled out. very handsome boys!hugs,puglette:o)

  5. Any time any of us is at the vet the ones who stayed home get a bit nasty to them. So we do understand that – it is all those nasty vet smells! But it is good that he has a sweet brother to snuggle with!!Oh, and tell your mom if any of her readers fall through our mom can help her out – our email is in our profile if she needs it.

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