We may have a Kindle, but…

We still have books!
Mom had dinner and saw a movie with her dad and sister today and on her way she dropped by and bought most of her books for this semester. A whole backpack full of ’em. So the Kindle might reduce the number of paper books, but it most certainly doesn’t eliminate them!

I’m guessing this one is the most interesting of them!

When Mom lifted the duvet to find me this morning I kept hoping she’d just put it back. But she made me go outside to pee. That lady just doesn’t have manners at all. Sigh.


13 thoughts on “We may have a Kindle, but…

  1. That looks like a very interesting book, Bajas. Too bad about the rude awakening – hope you were able to go back to bed:)Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  2. Hi Bajas! That cat on the cover of the zoology book looks cool. Your mom is going to be so smart after she reads all those books.My mom doesn't have any manners either. I was under the covers this morning, nice and warm, but noooo. Mom decided I needed to go outside to pee. Why can't they just let us sleep in?Stubby xoxo

  3. I hear you Bajas!! Don't know if I said so yesterday or not, but the snow is up to my armpits! Brrrrrrr…. This peeing outside stuff is bogus. the humans don't even do it, so why should we??Snorts-Brutus the Frenhchie

  4. Your mom must be very smart, reading all those books. I'm glad to hear that she takes time out to do fun things too!

  5. dang that is a lot of books. Mom is considering the kindle,. but she really loves actual books. AND she doesn't love paying retail prices, she usually buys her books used from the library.

  6. hi b!i always loved getting my new books for the term too. i think the paper saving with the kindle is just amazing, but i just love the feel of a printed book in my hands. :)your blog looks wonderful!

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