23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Freaky Friendship

  1. Whose pets are those? 😦 That's a very dangerous situation even if the cat isn't interested in the bird. Cat saliva is fatal to birds 😦

  2. Bella – theyre our cousins 😉 And what's Herbie going to do? Sneeze on him? Hehehe..BajasMore seriously: Even if he may carry Pasteurella (like a million other animals, including wild birds) he won't do any more damage inside the cage than outside it. And it's very, very unlikely to cause a problem. The quality of life they get from being together and around their human compaions FAR outweights the risk of a freak accident IMO. Ane

  3. OMG!!! We didn't see the cat the first time we looked at the picture. Mom LOVES you cat friends:) She really wants a Spynx cat to name Mr. Bigglesworth. We just think she is CRAZY!!!Pugs & KissesPugsley & Lola

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