Mom’s at it again…

Mom’s been playing with the sewing machine again today.. Apparently she believes it’s important for Virus to bring his own curtains to the cat show next weekend.

She also made him this little bed to stick in a corner of the show crate. The bottom (beige) and inside of the little bed is of a really, really soft blanket – similar to Virus’ favourite blanket that Mom always have on the couch. He should like that. It also shed like CRAZY once she cut into it and there are tiny pieces of beige fluff all over… I guess Mom’s going to have some fun cleaning up after this…

I just sleep in my new comfy bed. And next weekend PA and I are going to the lake by ourselves for a relaxing weekend while Mom and Virus travel to the show. She says we’re going to need all the energy we can get.. Wonder why…


7 thoughts on “Mom’s at it again…

  1. Love the new banner!The bed, ansd blanket are very pretty, but look cozy- that's the most important.Good luck at the ?cat show!LoveGen & the Foo

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