More show prep…

Here’s some more of all the prep for the cat show next weekend. Mom got Virus a wheely carrier bag – I’m certain he’s eaten too much so she doesn’t want to carry his (big) little pear shaped frame on her shoulder any more! It’s roomy enough to fit a pug. Yes, I’ve tried.

She also did a little more sewing yesterday and made him some sort of sleeping bag or something. I guess that’s useful when you’re travelling and don’t have to much furs.

Today she’s going to attempt to get lots of stuff done. House work and baking and school stuff. Time will show, as far as I can tell she’s spent most of the morning on the couch so far. Tee hee…

Maybe I’ll get my apron out, though!

Big Sunday kisses,

13 thoughts on “More show prep…

  1. Cat shows, huh? Didn't know cat people did that sort of thing. Do you have to walk around the ring on a leash? We're laughing picturing a bunch of cats on leashes BOL! What a good seamstress you momma is – I think doggies would like that little bag too!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Hey guys!!We're back and we missed you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!Are you all ok??WOOWOWOOOOO!!!!!CAt shows???!!!It sounds wonderful!!and we're sure Virus will be GREAT!!!!And your pic is sooooooooooo cute dear Bajas!!!!Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can't believe your mom has time to sew with all her school work. My brother shows Bengal cats & I know how much work cat shows are. Virus, I'm sure, will win every ring!

  4. Virus is quite the diva now, isn't he? And what of poor little Bajas? Slaving away to help Virus with his big day. A regular Cinderfella. Slobbers,Mango

  5. You will make a great helper in the kitchen, Bajas. Do you not get to go to the cat show? Hope Mom has something special planned for you too.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. That sleeping bag looks pawsome. I've been working on mom for ages to get me one as I love to burrow, but she says those in the stores are all ugly. Maybe she could sew one for me too?! How did yours do it, I'm not sure mine is as talented…Purrs, Chilli

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