Can you guess what we saw yesterday?

We went for a little ride in the car yesterday. The weather hasn’t been too great this weekend, so we mostly stayed indoors. Driving around PA points into a field and Mom expects deer – it was a cat. Then a little later he points into the woods and Mom expects deer. (Notice a pattern here)

Can you see it:

Shame Mom didn’t bring her camera.. These are taken with PA’s camera phone and are lousy..

It’s a moose! She was standing maybe 20-30 meters from the edge of the road munching on moss or whatever she could find. She didn’t seem worried that we pulled over and watched her. So if Mom had a decent camera you could have seen it for real. But that little blurry grey mouse really is a moose.


PeeEss: Both a few minutes after leaving the moose and this morning Mom DID see deer. BOL…

12 thoughts on “Can you guess what we saw yesterday?

  1. We can definitely see a moose there! That's exciting, how cool to see one so close. Thank you for visiting us. Siena is a Norwegian Forest Cat so she's especially interested in your blog. ;)Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  2. SheeshYou get to see the ost intewesting things..a Moose!!I don't think I'l evew get to see onesmoochie kissesASTA

  3. Those mooses are totally HUGE! I would have been scared. We liked hearing your mom speaking her native language. Her English is so good we forget sometimes that you live in a faraway place.Slobbers,Mango

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