Kitten Tuesday

We’ve got kitten pix for you – (C) Lene Aklestad as always.

Two fine brothers ❤

9 uker

9 uker
Sweet Pia

9 uker
As always we’re wondering what Pjotr is dreaming of..

9 uker
Poirot thinks it’s getting a tad boring..

9 uker
Sweet Pralinë

9 uker

Proud Papa,

14 thoughts on “Kitten Tuesday

  1. i love that the boys have the little mustaches on opposite sides. they are all so cute! ane, are those rambutans or lychees with the boys?hugs,puglette:o)

  2. Puglette – they must be Rambutans. The kittens are tiny, but they're not lychee-tiny. I don't take the pictures since they're across the other side of the country. :)Ane

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