Sleepy Saturday

Ssssh! Don’t wake Virus!

Mom told me we’re getting a visitator today. I look forwards to that. We’re going to snuggle with auntie Anna on the couch and watch a Midsomer Murders episode and probably play some Mario Kart. I can help her with that! I’m very talented that way. But first Mom needs to tidy up a bit and get everything ready. The dessert is already chilling in the fridge and the plan is peanut curry for dinner. There might not be enough herbs in our “garden” since PA and Mom had the last of our home grown oriental veg for dinner yesteday, and added extra herbs to the sauce. We concider the “can we grow veg in the green house while the chilies grow” a success! So next winter we will try again. Starting the indoor season much earlier will probably give us a lot more veg, too. Now the greenhouse is too full of other stuff to have room for them. We have several pots of lettuce, though, and the herbs of course so Mom is still able to grab a snack while working in the greenhouse!

Happy weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. BajasVirus looks vewy comfowtable all snuggled up. You awe so lucky thaat you have a gween house and youw Mom can gwow all those fwesh, wondewful eatabulls.It sounds heavenlysmoochie kissesASTA

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