The Story of Us

We loved Minna Kreb’s gotcha day celebration idea, and of course we wanted to join! Now we thinks we have told of our stories before, but there’s no reason not to share it again. We have gotten many new furiends since the last time we did something similar, too.

When I was just a little baby pug my Mom turned up with auntie Lene and then they took me with them across the mountains.

At first I was a little stressed and perhaps a leetle scairt, and I blew little bubbles from my nose. So Mom made a call to Anette, my breeder, to hear if everything was okay. She said I was probably just a little stressed out and would eventually calm down. It was a very long trip to pick me up – they left around 2AM and got home late at night – so I know she really wanted me. BOL!

I was pretty cute when I was little, don’t you think? One of mom’s friends was rolling in the grass the first time she saw me. Laughing hard and claiming I looked like a mix of a pig and a gold fish!?!?!?!! How rude.. Mom and I have shared lots of fun, some sickies and sadness and tons of cuddles. These pix are more than 8 years old, but I’m still a happy guy. Just yesterday a man asked how old I was – he thought I was perhaps 4-5months old and still a puppy. I think that means Mom is wrong when she claims I’m getting a little gray. Hah!

Now both Coco (my birth mother who came to us as an adult) and Nimbus the whippet has come and left since I arrived. Now I share my house with Mom and the kitties, so I’ll let Virus tell his story.

When I was just a baby I lived with my siblings and my mom Justa and and assortment of other aunties.

Then one day Lene brought me and one of my sisters along on a long car ride. After a long time my sister left me and I was all alone!!! Then we continued for a little while before arriving at this very strange place. Lene started crying and hugged the strange lady who I eventually learned was my new Mom. Then she left me there with the lady and a very big and scary black blob. I stayed in a kitten pen the first couple of hours since everything was a little scary. But I got lonely, too, so Mom got me out of there.

I got quite tired after all the commotion. That night Mom slept on the couch with me, with me on her chest under the duvet. I was so tiny and lonely she couldn’t leave me, and she was afraid to take me to her bed in case she’d squish my tiny self or that I’d fall out of the bed.

Soon enough I was showing them my crazy kitten self! MOL!

I was very brave, and would even sneak up on the big black blob when he wasn’t watching (or pretended not to).

Very soon we were best of buddies. At least I thought we had lots of fun! Then after a while I went on a vacation and met this very cute girl!

A few weeks later I left Lene and Våfflan again and was shipped back to Mom and Bajas. Seriously – I had to ride on a plane all alone!?! Now I think I’ll leave the keyboard to Hyssing.

So – a while after Virus left Våfflan she realized her tummy was growing and then a while later me and my siblings popped out!

This is me – the very first one to arrive! Mom was so excited when she got a multimedia message on her phone with my picture!

We were a cute and crazy gang of kittens, and those of you who knew us last fall got to meet us all.

Then suddenly one day we traveled to a strange place with lots of people and kitties and then after a couple of days there the new Mom-lady brought me with her and Virus to the place she was staying. And the very next morning we were on the train going across the mountains to Oslo.

Soon dad and I were best of friends, and Bajas wasn’t scary for very long either!

So that’s the stories of how we got to be here together and with Mom! We don’t have Turkey Day around here (at least not in the same way, and with turkey), but we’re very thankful to be here and together. And Mom is very thankful we’re such wonderful boys!

Kisses and purrs,
Hyssing, Virus and Bajas

8 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. Bajas! What a cute little pup you were. As for Virus and Hyssing, it is clear that they were a bit off from the start, you agree? Crazy cats! Slobbers,Mango

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