Snow + Me + Boo Boo!

oktober 2010
The snow was still here this morning!

oktober 2010

On a less fun note I’ve got some boo boos on my chest/tummy.. Mom initially thought they might be caused by my harness rubbing, since I’d only been using the harness (and walking a lot) for a while.. So no harness + washing and putting ointments on and stuff.. And they seemed to heal up nicely. But last night Mom discovered there was a new one, and nastier than the others. We’re not sure they are related, I might just have cut myself on something while running around. But she put a shirt on me to make sure I didn’t get any dirt in it while lying down (so much for her housekeeping skills, huh?) It was quite tender last night and is much better today, but she’s promised to run out and get me some more ointment and stuff and if it doesn’t clear up in a day or so she’ll take me to the vet. I surely hope for the vet visit, but Mom’s wallet would prefer if we didn’t go.

Here’s a blurry shot of me in my (Mom’s) shirt:
oktober 2010

They’re just phone pix and she was having some lighting issues, so they’re quite blurry. (What do you mean the subject needs to sit still???)

This one was quite cool, though, IMHO.
oktober 2010

oktober 2010

12 thoughts on “Snow + Me + Boo Boo!

  1. Gash, Bajas, given your proximity to the ground you could have scratched yourself on something that made you a little allergic and caused it to look red and angry. Hope you heal up fast.Slobbers,Mango

  2. Awww sorry you have a boo boo. Lincoln gets lots and lots of boo boos. He gets them from rolling around in the grass and then biting anything that scratches him for a second. You gotta take care of yourself!Muah,Minnie Moo

  3. Oh Bajas! We hope your owie turns out to be nothing major! You look SO cute in your shirt!!!! Enjoy your snow! It was cold enough here for snow last night, but none yet! Love,S-Dog

  4. Bajas this is your little lovepug, Annie, blowing kisses to you for your boo boos. I think you are so handsome in all of your pictures.get well soon,xoxoxBelly

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