Day 4 – Photosynthesis

We made fun of Mom all day yesterday for missing the typo on yesterday’s fudge recipe. BOL! Oh well.. We’re thinking you all got it anyways. Just over a week until Mom’s exams are over (Thursday and Friday next week) and there’s not likely to be much going on here until after that (and after a quickie trip to visit Auntie and the human puppy who was our visitators recently), but after that she’ll make some for sure!

Next Friday Mom’s got her Physiology exam – both animal and plant physiology and today she found these very cool videos on YouTube. They’re probably most fun for you geeky dogs out there, but on the other hand it should be a good way for most to enjoy photosynthesis.

Part two:

10 thoughts on “Day 4 – Photosynthesis

  1. Hi Bajas! Mom remembers these videos from her bio classes. She loves them but then again she is a bio dork. I tried to watch them but I quickly fell asleep. Stubby xoxo

  2. Oh what a cute picture!! Don't be too hard on your mom – we all make mistakes. We hope all her exams go well – we know they are always hard but with things like physiology it sounds extra tough to us!

  3. As a former teacher, Mom says there is a lot of value in learning things in song. It is used quite often now in elementary schools with all subjects.Good luck to Mom with the rest of her exams.Happy weekend, the OP Pack

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