Let’s go back in time!

Anna and I went to the cultural history museum today! You want to have a peek, too? šŸ˜‰
Inside the “stavkirke”, a classical kind of church.
And from the outside! Neat, huh? If I remember correctly this one is from around 1200
Carvings from the door frame

I thought this one was cute – it had heart shaped holes in the wall – for letting in light I suppose.
..down we go..
I fell in love with the root system of this old tree.. well.. the tree is gone, really..
This little piggy went to the museum?
Anna was posing in the entrance of this building – and when I said she sort of looked like one of those soldier guard guys.. well.. this is what happened.

Inside the same building. Neat bed, huh?

Still the same building – wonder how many they would be cooking for in a huge pot like that.

These two calves were happily resting with their mommy.

Traditional Norwegian horses – the Fjord Horse (fjording).

Neat how their mane is striped, huh?

This is the cow pasture – the calves was right next to me when taking this.
We sat down to eat some fruit and carrots – this little guy came to keep us company.

From inside an old wine monopoly store!
Old gas station.
How cute is that chair?
We found it in here!

Now that should be sufficient pix, I suppose. Tee hee..


9 thoughts on “Let’s go back in time!

  1. The pictures are just fabulous! Mom is drooling all over the place!We have to ask one question – how come grass is growing on the roofs of so many buildings and how do you mow it up there?Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  2. Woowowowooo dear Anne…what a great trip you're having…thanks for sharing with us these wonderful photos…we loved seeing new places!!!!!Where were you????can't wait to see the next photos!!Sweet kisses and licks and take care!!!MUAHHHHHHH

  3. Thanks for the tour. That was a great history lesson. Mom loved the first photo, it made her laugh. She loved the carved doors and the tree roots.Roxy

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