Manic Monday!

I’ve got a favor to ask of you! Tomorrow is Mom’s grammar exam. Since we’re way ahead of most of you, you can just cross your fingers when you go to bed tonight and hopefully she’ll do allright. Being her mentor and assistant I do feel responsible for her achievements. At least now I know the do in the previous sentence is a grammatical auxiliary used to create the emphatic affirmative.

So to the fun part – a few pictures from Saturday!

After getting off the train Auntie took me for a run. Yay!

All that excitement and Grandpa’s arrival made me very happy, as you can clearly see from my expression.

Now this is a real Paparazzi! Grandpa took his photography seriously. As always.

You see the paparazzi in this picture, too, but more importantly you can see ME helping G.Grandma in the kitchen.

Oh – and here you can see the human pup actually wearing the bib Mom knitted. Neat – that means she occasionally does something useful.

Have great Mondays everyone!


12 thoughts on “Manic Monday!

  1. Well, since my mom khan't really remember those rules of english anymore, I'm sure your mom will do well! After all, there is only so much that khan't fit in the khollekhtive hooman brain SO if my mom purges some of hers, more will be able to fit in your mom's!Good lukhk!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing the pikhs!

  2. Oh, the human pup is just adorable – look at those big eyes!!! And of course, we will have our 12 paws crossed for your Mom’s exam and Mom will say an prayer for her too.Woos, the OP Pack

  3. OH NO! We are reading this a day late, but hope mom did really well on the exam!That human pup IS SO CUTE. Mom says she can practically smell his head from here (she’s weird like that…she loves that “baby smell”). That bib looks SO great! Nice job!Love,S-Dog

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