Friendly Thursday!

Here are a couple of “awwww” shots of my brudder and I!

It’s getting cooler around here, and time to get all close and cuddly. This morning I was on the couch with my mom and I was getting a bit cold. When mom is under the blankets and I want to get under there with her I’ll just scratch her shoulder or something and she’ll let me under. But this morning she wasn’t under the blanket and I wanted to make her cover me up.. So I thought a little and then went over and scratched at her.. So she looked at me real puzzled.. And then said I couldn’t get into her pants (BOL), but she got the idea and got out the blanket for me! Yay!

Ok.. How silly is that leetle nose? I’m sure lots of you want to kiss it, though!


10 thoughts on “Friendly Thursday!

  1. Hi, Bajas!Yes, Virus has a very kissable nose!I love to be under the covers too but my mom not always understand me! Now, I know how to do it by myself!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. Aww, you seem to have a good snuggling session 🙂 We love cozy and warm blankets, too. And Norway might be even colder than here… brrrr!

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