Getting the season spirit (well.. mom is..)

We’re slowly getting into the season spirit.. Well.. Rigth now we’ll say it’s just mom. She’s been pretty mean, don’t you think? But we decided you might all need a bit of a laugh!

the HatButts

17 thoughts on “Getting the season spirit (well.. mom is..)

  1. HiNimbus,Bajas and Coco,Thanks fow the compliment on my coat! ddi you see youwselves in the outdoow pictoow of my chwissmuss pawty???You look like you wewe haveing a gweat time..I hope so!I love youw idea of using newspapew to wap pwesents…it looks good and is bettew fow usthanks fow thatsmoochie kissesAsta

  2. Happy Holidays for you all too!Even if you don’t look so happy with your hats!You are good kids pleasing your mom by posing for the pictures!Have a nice dayLorenza

  3. Hey, HatButts!Sometimes a little humiliation goes a long way with the hoomans. If it’s any consolation, you guys are stinkin’ cute!Goober love,Stanley

  4. Hi guys!LOVE these pictures, you both look really cute! Is that Coco in the first picture?Thanks for the tip about wrapping paper too – mom didn’t realize that regular wrapping paper couldn’t be recycled! :(Love Clover xo

  5. Ho Ho Ho!! You guys look ready for the season. We’re just hoping our Mom doesn’t get any bright ideas from those pictures.Sherman, Penny & Lola

  6. We wanted to say hello, after getting a glimpse of you at Asta’s party. We stayed glued to the mistletoe — and shared lots of smooches with the lady dogs.Come visit sometime!!Jake and Just Harry

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