Berlin – day II

Today was a much more action packed day than yesterday.. LOL.. I did sleep for two or three hours before going out to dinner and so returning to bed. Think it was wise, though, as I’ve been able to do lots of stuff today. 🙂

We started out with some sight seeing from the local busses. We’d concidered this free tour that should be good, but 3 hours walking just wasn’t for me today. So on the double decker we went and got off at the Reichstag, took some pix and walked to Brandenburger Tor for more photo ops. Will show you those pix tomorrow, as there just ended up being too many in this one.

After Brandenburger Tor we went and booked our tix to Praha and then Vienna. I managed to say the wrong date, hopefully we can fix that tomorrow. Anyways.. Then we got another bus to Zoogarten where we went to the zoo. I have to admit I was a bit unsure about this, as I hate going to many zoos abroad, especially towards the south, where living conditions for the animals are NOT GOOD and I do NOT support these kinds of places with my money. PA have never, ever been to a zoo, though, and we decided this was okay.

The zoo was a pretty place and we saw lots of animals and PA was very happy with that. I DO feel that the areas for these animals, especially the big ones, was insuficcient. And so I do not recommend anyone to visit this zoo, even if it’s not the worst kind.

The advantage (and perhaps one of the reasons why zoos choose small enclosures – in addition to the cost) is that it’s easy to see the animals, and here are some pix:

Lion at the entrance.
One of my favourite flowering bushes – like most flowers attracting nocturnal insects they have a pale colour and they smell LOVELY at night.

A cute little Llama.
I loved these porcupines – note the one on the right, closing his eyes and just ENJOYING his carrot.
I love dragons…
I was fascinated with the “fluff” on this large bush.. Probably something to make its seed fly, I suppose. This close up picture turned out pretty cool imo.
Sweet panda bear.
Din din for a hungry kittie!
This Sand Dune Cat was just too cute for words. There were two of them as far as I could see and this one had lots of fun playing with his dinner. 😉
A slightly larger kittie 😉
The rhino went for a swim 😉
Generally the Zoo had nice park areas and buildings!

The Okapi was a cool fellow.. Watch how he uses his tongue to reach the branch with the yummy leaves. 😉

You can get some shots of pretty buildings from the bus, but reflections are annoying… This one wasn’t too bad, though.

Now it’s time to go to bed, tomorrow we’re heading for Prague! 🙂