We WON something!¬®+ request

We are the proud winners of the cool POOP CANDLE from Patience and the Waggle!

(P – if we’re not allowed to steal your poo picture, please let me know!)

I also have a request… One of Mom’s subjects this semester is American culture and part of what they’re going through is geograpy, the states/mountains/rivers etcetera.. Sooo.. I thought if those of you living in the US would bother to tell a bit about your region Mom would be able to learn something (while reading blogs rather than studying) and having some more connections to the various places.

For instance – Mom’s only knowledge of Kentucky is that it contains the city of Paducah(with an artist relocation programme), nine wonderful whippets and a brillient writer. ūüėČ

The little curlie have been approaching me more lately – he’s even come up to me and pawed my legs a couple of times.. Maybe he want to play..

Kisses, Bajas!


And the winner of our little guessing contest is…


…our very favourite blogging cat Daisy! Of course she had an advantage as she’s a Devon Rex Cat herself! So – as you’ve now probably realised our new addition is a male Devon Rex Cat! A weird, curly little thing. He’ll be arriving in just over one week. We’re really excited!

So – do you want to see him? Properly, that is? Not just an ear and some forehead wrinkles?



Okay, we’re proud to introduce Virus!

Actually his name is (N)Mega Miaow’s Rydiger, but Rydiger is a bit long and Mom have always said that when she got a Devon his name would be Virus. Right now she’s a bit uncertain, though, as we’ve gotten so used to think about him as Rydiger.

This is a bit more recent picture of him!

Looks like he’s a good snuggler!

Pretty cute, huh? Wondering what he’ll look like when he grows up?

This is Justa (EC Talamasca’s Just A Girl) his mother – she’s a black smoke Devon Rex just like her son.

His breeder is a friend of ours and he’ll belong to her on paper until he’s fathered a litter, a very common solution for breeders who would like more breeding cats(or dogs) but not have too many at home. We can’t wait for him to arrive next Thursday! We can assure you there’ll be more pictures shortly after that! BOL!

Happy snorts,

PS: Daisy – would you e-mail me and Mom at aniemother@hotmail.com so we can get your adress and send you your prize?