Weekend of Waiting – part 4

I thought I’d share a few pix from our trip to Bergen.. There’s some real pretty scenery when crossing the mountains.

It goes whizzing by! Little kitty asleep in Mom’s lap..
Snow and fog..
Almost on the top!
The poor cell phone cam couldn’t quite cope with all the white.. But I think it turned out rather pretty!


Remember all the pretty yarn? The greens were for a certain little project.. Wanna see?

I thought so..




Time for some felting!

Now there’s the little Grass!

I’m a little weird, I know, but at least I think he’s real cute! It’s the Grass pattern from Mochimochi! And he won’t be a dog nor cat toy.


Weekend of Waiting – part 3

Sunday was the last day of the show. This judge was nice, too, but said I looked a bit too sweet. But Mom said I’m still a kitten, so I shouldn’t be ashamed.

Before leaving we said goodbye with Ellie in case we wouldn’t see her anymore!

I ran a few extra laps around our room to get rid of excess energy before another day of waiting.

This is Alexia, another one of Auntie Guro’s cats – both of them are British Shorthairs! She’s got one more British Shorthair – and two Chinese Cresteds at home (one naked and one powder puff).

After the show ended sweet Lena of (N) Pontifex Devon Rex cattery (http://www.pontifexrex.org/indexeng.html) dropped us off at the train station. Where we waited at Burger King and posted the first post about our adventures.
Then we got on the train! Mom took me out of my carrier and put me in her lap under her blanket.
Then a lady with two NOISY Siamese cats arrived.. I wasn’t impressed, as I’m sure you can see. Perhaps the judge-lady wouldn’t have found me too sweet if she’d seen me then. Anyway.. I was such a good boy all the way home. It’s an 7,5 hour train ride, and I slept all the way – Mom did too! We only woke up every hour or so to switch to a more comfy (or just different) position in the seat. Lucky for us we had two seats to ourselves, so we had a little space!

Bajas is returning tonight, and he’ll post his pictures tomorrow!


Weekend of Waiting- part 2

Okay. Here are some more pictures from this weekend. Mom and I went to a CAT SHOW. I’m sure a lot of our doggie friends would have liked a trip through there.. MOL!

This is “autntie” Tilly on the table with judge-lady Donatella. I met with Donatella on Saturday. She said I was a pretty good looking little boy, I was Ex1 but for best of variety both me and my sissy were beaten by our mom. Oh well.. Just wait untill we’re all grown up, purrhaps we’ll be able to beat her.
One More of Tilly. Mom think she’s a cutie – but I still remember she always slapped me when I was a little kitten.
This is my MOM. Justa. Can you see the resemblance? Allthough they all say my sister Rapunzel is soo much like her and I’m more like our dad.

One more of Justa.
This is my sissy, Rapunzel. You can see she’s got a bit more furs than me and looks darker.
Cute, huh?
But, obviously, not as cute as me!
So this is the crate where I spent most of my days while at the show. I got my carrier in there to hide away and sleep and a little toilet and food and some toys.
Here’s one auntie Guro took of me and my mom!

And she took this one, too, of me being little parrot boy on Mom’s shoulder. We stole these pictures. Mwahahaha…


Weekend of Waiting – part 1

Hi guys!

Virus here. Mom and I are in Bergen as we type… Parked in Burger King(…) waiting for our train. We’ve been here a couple of hours allready. Thank goodness for wireless Internet! Mom’s been buying the ocational cup of coffee and have done some homework and some other stuff plus starting to get up to date online while I sleep in my crate.

Friday morning we got on the train and after SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR we arrived in Bergen. I was such a good boy. And I totally charmed this guy on the train sitting across the isle from Mom and I. He had two dogs, a whippet and a sloughi. Mom said he had pretty good taste in dogs. I slept a lot in Mom’s lap and a lot in the carrier.

Once in Bergen we continued waiting.. Auntie Guro was arriving about three hours after us and her cousing wouldn’t pick us up until nine pm, almost 12 hours after our departure from home! We waited on McDonalds and I stayed in my carrier while Mom drank coffee and tried to read while all the teens were out a Friday night making unbelieveable noise! We also went to two shopping malls – Mom with her (new…remember what happened to the pink one!?) wheelie bag and me… MOL!
Once at Susanne’s place I was a tad shy…

All kinds of weird new noises and people and cats and…
But I got there eventually!
Meet Ellie! I was not all pug-less this weekend. Susanne was the servant of sweet baby pug Ellie. Isn’t she a total cutie!?! Even if she’s fawn she’s totally adorable.

Oh.. Yeah… I completely forgot! Bajas got to stay with PA this weekend. He came and picked him up Thursday night and will be back to tell about his weekend on Tuesday!

I’ll tell you more later.. I’m all tired and sleepy! It’s almost 10PM, our train leaves in an hour and we’ve been here on Burger King since six thirty…