More Weekend Fun!

Here’s the rest of our Saturday walkie.

A pawprint in the sand!

Lots of fun things to sniff down on the beach….

..and you gotta leave some pee-mails, too!

Can you see the mistletoe growing in there? They become easier to spot when the leaves start dropping.

This used to be a military facility – some of the old stuff has been restored, like here.

We stopped at a café for some tea and petit pain au chocolat. I got a tiny taste of the pastry.

Almost at the car (it’s behind grandpa).

Happy Monday kisses,

Weekend Fun!

We went for a little walk yesterday in the lovely weather!

Pretty, huh?

Pug on the move!

Wait up, Gramps!

I didn’t forget you, Mom! Promise!

As always I’m too fast for the camera. Hah!

Such a pretty tree!

Mom was triggerhappy, so I’ll show you the rest of the pix tomorrow.

Happy kisses,

Wordy Wednesday

Here’s my exciting news:
So what is this? It’s my very own BUS CARD! Well.. not only for buses, really, but all public transport within the city. Since Mom and PA won’t be going up by the lake for a while because of all their exams she had the brilliant idea (she’s got her moments, I suppose) that we should enjoy more of the city. And by city we don’t really mean city – we mean the green stuff. We have a nice city with plenty of parks and – even better – surrounded by forest. Unfortunately all dogs have to pay on public transport within the city – even little ones like me – so we have usually stayed around where we live. Now we can go everywhere! Yay! We can also take a bus somewhere and walk back home or walk wherever we feel like and just find a tram or subway to get back home if we get tired.

Here are some pix from our first trip using my very own BUS CARD! Yay!

We hop off a bus – and see this.. Not bad, huh?

I approve of the grass!

Flowers, too!

This funny looking building was the last one we saw for a while.

Pretty, pretty. This is the same river we walk by down where we live. We’re just further up.

Plenty of water, allright! This river run from the lake we get our drinking water from.

A few joggers and a few dogs – and plenty of calm!

I didn’t need a drink – but at least the water was calmer here, so it was possible!

A little rocky patch..

Then we got all the way up to the lake! Nice, huh? It’s all fenced in, however, being drinking water and all. Then we walked back down on the other side of the river!

Since this I’ve also walked around the lake Sognsvann again – that I showed you just over a week ago. And I’ve been going with Mom more than I otherwise would as it doesn’t cost money to bring me on public transport. I love my card. Yay!


Rainy Monday

It’s the last day of Easter. It’s been raining all day, but Mom and I ended up with walking more than our usual hour anyways!


We started with half an hour up hill – down there you can see “our” river below us.

Can you see I’m a leetle bit wet?

A man actually pulled his car over to talk to Mom and me because he was so excited to see a pug.

The trees were sort of in our way, or we could take some nice pix down towards the city.

The road underneath here is a bike path – we followed that a little later.

At the end of this road you see a tall yellow/white building. We live not far from there!

That’s the hill we walked up – seen down from the bike path.

The view in the oposite direction (you can see that white/yellow building on the right)

Then we reached the river!

Where we met this guy! Or saw him, at least. He run up almost to us, but stopped a meter or so away. Mom liked that. She don’t like people letting their dogs run up to other dogs/people without asking.

The colors make these building look rather festive!

Then we got home and I snuggled my wet self under blankets on the couch!

Hope you all have great Mondays!


A little Sunday walk…

Just a minute or two from our apt we get to the park that’s created around the river flowing all the way downtown and into the city.
I like to put my mark on the place!
It’s nice hearing the running water when you’re out for walkies..
Sometimes it’s just a narrow path, and sometimes the park widens..

The buildings are really close by.. We don’t live THIS close, but close none the less.
The ducies made a run for it when I wanted to make friends.. sigh..

We have to climb these stairs up or down when going out..
I know this trick, see.. Whenever mom says the word “stone” I’ll jump up on any stone around.
Then when we get home mom laughs while I make a desperate run to get to BamBam as soon as possible.. Like it’s funny I’ve missed him..

Hope your weekends have been great!