Cuteness overload on a Monday!

Hi friends!

Time to show off my babies properly! Two boys and two girls were born on Friday night – all are black and white – little calves?

Kitten pile!

This is the baby boy I showed you on Saturday.

Hehehe…. The kitten on the right and in the bottom of the heap are the girls, on the left plus on top you find the boys.

The other baby boy is sooo tired.

One of the baby girls.

All pictures are of course (c) Lene Aklestad of Mega Miaow’s cattery.

Proud purrs,

PeeEss: I got some comments about not knowing about this – we have posted a few posts before so here you can see my date and some of the fun we had if you want:

The announcement:

Being together:

Sunday Secrets

Okay.. So I bragged about having a secret.. Uhm.. Okay.. Are you ready? *blush*

Uhm.. Some of you might remember that I’m sorta co-owned (this is not really the term, but we can’t seem to find an English term for it) with my breeder. This really means that I belong to my breeder and just live with Mom and then after I become a dad my ownership will be transferred to Mom as thanks for her service. Like taking care of me is a JOB?? Oh well…

I’d like you all to meet my upcoming date – CH S*Lustans June Carter aka Våfflan (=the waffle.. MOL!)

Isn’t she just too cute?
And apparently she’s quite the chatterbox just like me.. MOL! I’m sure we’ll get along great. You can see me and my date here (My official name is (N) Mega Miaow’s Rydiger). Our date will be sometimes this spring. I’m sure it will be great fun!