WriggleButts reach the beach & visit kings!

Yesterday we had a GREAT day! Slept late and then went for a walk in the forest with mom and the BoyFriend. It was nice and sunny. Then we went home to relax on the couch for a bit. Or so we thought – in stead we got in the car with grandma and our uncle Tara, the Airedale. She’s really grumpy but she actually didn’t growl at us once the entire time. Maybe we’re growing on her? Then we arrived at our great grandfathers house. It’s the first time we’ve been in a while. Our great grandmother died earlier this fall, and when she was feeling very sick she just couldn’t cope with us doggies in the house..Here’s great grandpa and Coco! She’s not angry at all, but she’s curled her lip a bit.. These things happen when you have big pug-lips..
She also got to play the grand piano. BoyFriend do the stuff above pug-level and she handel the pedals.. She’s feeling very helpful, but it seemed BoyFriend didn’t quite feel the same way? Humans can be so ungrateful!
Here’s one of Nimbus kissing auntie. We all got plenty of cuddles and attention. A great day, in other words! Then we went for walkies with mom, BoyFriend and auntie.

It’s this really great place in Borre where great grandfather live. It was getting dark so it was a bit hard go get great pictures. But we hope you enjoy them anyways. We sure enjoyed ourselves!
See that heap? There are plenty of them there. Mom told us there are viking KINGS buried in there. It’s actually the largest collection of graves from it’s period. There are over 40 in total int the area, both large like this and smaller graves.We don’t really care, though, as long as we can run and play and the old vikings don’t bother us.

It was rather pretty too. Mom took some pictures that wasn’t of us. We’re not sure why, but we post a few just in case your humans would like to have a look. They seem to like that sort of stuff.
We walked all the way down to the beach. This is the Oslo fjord if anyone’s interested.
Mom made Nimbus stand up here for some pictures. This is her favourite – he was getting really worried he was missing out on the fun…
But we were just checking out the waves! He joined us for a bit of playing before we returned to the car.

Mom took some more nature-shots. Nimbus stuck his nose in it, of course… But didn’t find anything interesting there. Mom’s not the brightest, but we love her!

This is a type of stone common in the area. We don’t know the English name for it. But it’s rather weird looking and the Norwegian name is Rombeporfyr. Now isn’t that a strange name?
We’re gonna take it easy today! It’s lovely and sunny so we’ll take mom for a walk later. But Now we’re going to sleep on the couch and enjoy being home. Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Sneezes and butt-sniffs,
the WriggleButts