MomDay Cooking – vegetable soup

This is what I just had for dinner – warm and filling vegetable soup. It’s very simple to make, healthy and cheap so there’s really no excuse not to make this one. ūüėČ

You need

ca 1/2 litre of (soup) stock (there’s no exact measurements here so don’t get stressed by me being metric)
1 potato
1 carrot
1 small wedge of cabbage
1 slice of swede/rutabaga
1 dl corn
a little (frozen) spinach
1 dl bulgur wheat (this is optional, but sooo good)

This is for the soup I made today.. I like root vegetables and stuff that stay pretty firm as I’ll be reheating this once or twice at least. If you’re cooking for a family and will be eating all at once broccoli, cauliflower etc would be great too – and generally I’d just say you could use any vegetable you like!
I use a soup stock cube – I generally use that all the time that I need stock (I don’t have space to make my own and we don’t get cans of stock like I know many of you can buy so that’s my best option). The important thing is that it’s not too salty – you’ll be eating it later..

The cabbage is chopped up and left with the frozen corn and spinach until the soup is almost done.
I start out with the stuff that take the longest time to cook – in other words the bulgur wheat and the diced potato. Then carrot, swede and after 10-15 minutes I add the cabbage, corn and spinach.

Cook until the bulgur wheat and the potatoes are soft. I like a bit of crunch to the rest of the vegetables the first time – as I mentioned I’ll be reheating this and then it’ll be all soft anyways.

Fill up your bowl and enjoy! This is a very filling soup, and I’m always impressed how tasty the broth becomes when all the vegetables are cooked in it.