Elminas O’Tara 6/4 1995 – 6/4 2008

Tara, our family dog, was PTS today at her 14th birthday. She’s been “old” lately, stumbling and having lost almost all her sight.. And apparently she had a stroke or something today and lost all control of her hindquarters.

Rest in peace sweet Tara. Bajas’ “uncle” (long story..) and our favourite “rotte” (rat.. lol..).
Hot dog?
Her spot to watch when she was home alone. She wasn’t allowed up on furniture, but we all knew she was up there as soon as we left. We saw her – but if not we’d still know from all the snart on the window. ūüėČ


The only child for a day!

Hi guys!
I had the best day ever today! Mom and Auntie were going to Grandpa’s place for dinner today and we weren’t going. Mom crated Nimbus and Coco and went to find me and I told her I’d like to go along. And they said.. Well.. Uh.. You want to come along? Well.. Guess that wouldn’t be a problem – and they took me along! Hah!

First we drove to Moss (aprox 30min) and then we caught the ferry across to Horten where Grandpa lives. At the ferry they have a room for people travelling with doggies or kitties who don’t keep them in the car (we didn’t bring the car, because Grandpa’s place is just a short walk from where the ferry docks). There were three other doggies and their humans in there. One grumpy old lady who had been rescued at the streets of some city in Spain at aprox. 6months of age, an American Cocker (rather grumpy older lady, too) and a tiny apricot poodle puppy. The puppy was 12weeks old and rather cute and liked me lots, allthoug he (understandably) found me a bit big and macho and intimidating – but we sniffed and played a bit and the humans all thought I was SOO cute.

At Grandpa’s place our uncle, Tara the Airedale was too. She’s really grumpy, but she didn’t mind me too much today, actually. I got to eat some table scraps…
And the leftovers from Mommies dessert. Yum!
I didn’t get any dinner there, as we’d all get fed once we came back. While uncle ate her dinner I got a pig’s tail. Mom made me sit and stay before I got it. I’m a pretty good boy, huh?????

After finishing that poor pig’s tail I found the center spot between the humans and looked my very cutest for maximum attention. (And mom gave me one wedge from her clemetine(sp?))

Very happy (and home and well fed),
Bajas the TravelButt