Finally Friday!

And Mom and I are going away for the weekend! We’re going to this place called Bergen. WE’ll be meeting up with my sister and my “grandma” and all sorts of people and cats. I promise to take lots of pictures for you all!

Um… Mom? Can I see Bergen from here?


There and back again (and the pictures to prove it)

We’re home from our Easter holiday. It’s still Easter, but Mom is working today. She didn’t really have Easter off, it was just her regular weekend (she works every other weekend, so her weekends off are usually more than two days). We’re posting a zillion pictures of our trip and hope we won’t bore you too much. We’ve got plenty more (slightly more silly) pictures for you to see later.
Heading off in the morning. The humans were too slow and ended up having to drive to the station to make it in time. Then parked as the train was approaching and we all ran. Much fun.
Aboard the train we were pretty good. Nimbus barked at the ticket-lady (of course) and Coco tried her very best to charm the man across the isle.
Then gave up and decided PA was her best shot.
Hey! I’m just good so you don’t mention me? Huh?

In Oslo we took a great walk before heading for the second train. We’ll post those pictures separately. They’re lots of fun. We promise – you just wait and see!

Taking the elevator down to the underground platform at the Nathional Theatre station. A bit scary – but not as scary as the escalators (according to Nimbus who’s afrait of them, too).

This sort of art is on the wall across from the platform. Mom likes the concept. We don’t care. It’s various sorts of pictures and patterns made with holes in metal plates.

Rubbing against PA’s legs. Wearing a coat is sooooo irritating.. Especially when we have to stand still for like minutes!

Our train.. Getting into this train we had to climb very steep steps. Rather difficult for short pug legs.

After arriving we did some relaxing..
Bajas does it really well.
Coco – and Nimbus is in the blanket somewhere…
Pretty moonlight across the lake – Mom attempted pictures.. But it’s hard to keep the camera steady. You can see it’s pretty, though!

It snowed! See the silly whippet butt in the right bottom corner.
Coco heading off for a walk on the beach!
Nimbus having a run – you can see the house at the top of the picture. Not far to get to the lake ūüėČ
Pretty, pretty..
Sniff, sniff.. The water is really low during winter so in summer we’d be under water by now.

Got anything yummy?
The view towards the city.
We took a long walk, too.. And Mom fell and hurt her back and her elbow. She’s rather useless at walking, apparently… Sigh.. But it was cold and windy, allthough pretty, so we didn’t mind staying inside and just relaxing most of the time. It’s what we do best, anyways.

After our evening walk Mom suggested we come outside with her in the cold to attempt more moon pictures. We didn’t like the idea very much. See our faces??
She made us come outside anyways!! But then we ran into the neighbours yard and found a big bone!! Hah! That taught her a lesson! All in all we had a very good trip and behaved very well on the train. Mom hadn’t tried taking us all along at once before, but we were no trouble. Really.
We hope you’ve all had fun too!
the WriggleButts

Happy Easter!

We’re heading off tomorrow for a little Easter holiday. We’ll bring our camera so hopefully there will be some action to tell you all about later. Mom says we’ll be taking the train so that should be rather eventfull on its own. Hope you all enjoy the holidays, allthough Mom says you might not have as much of a vacation as we get around here.

Fluffy yellow kisses,
the WriggleButts

Shopping abroad!

We hope you all had a great Halloween. Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Norway.. Or.. Well.. Seems we’re sort of adopting the tradition. Mom isn’t sure she likes it. Not that she dislikes Halloween.. but that the people selling all sorts of stuff “import” holidays like Valentines Day and Halloween just to make more money.. We allready have a similar tradition during Christmas. During the week between Christmas and New Year kids dress up and go knocking on peoples doors and sing christmas songs. They’re rewarded with fruit, cakes and candy quite like when trick or treating. We prefer to ignore the doorbell and eat the treats ouselves, but mom usually protest. Stupid. Once the door is opened we love to kiss the children, though.. They give us plenty of hugs and kisses.. But we’re really not getting to the point. We’re very sorry!

On Halloween mom took us shopping abroad. Sounds more fun than it is, probably. When we got up in the morning we all got in the car and started driving. We love going in the car, because we love to go wherever mommy goes. Nimbus used to get car sick, but he got over it eventually. Good for him. And good for us, too. We don’t like to be crated individually in the car.. It’s much nicer to cuddle in a heap. But when one of us gets sick all over the crate it’s not so fun after all..

Anyways.. Off we went.. You do get to the point where driving in the car isn’t so much fun any more.. It’s sort of boring, actually… We farted a bit, but that was the only major entertainment. Oh.. and mom sang along to the radio.. Next time we’ll videotape her and post it on our blog! Revenge is sweet.. Eventually we crossed the border into Sweden.. but when we get to the store it turns out mom is intending to go in alone. Major bummer.. So we stayed in the car all alone while she was in there enjoying herself in the meat isle… We could smell the meat when she returned so we knew where she’d been.

So back into Norway we go.. And finally we go to the only interesting place to shop. The Dogfood Place! You see. Usually mom give us this lovely, raw food. She drives far into the countryside to a really nice guy, Magne, who produce this great, raw food. She buys plenty of it when he’s making it fresh and then we all go home and pack it in small containers for us to eat for dinner each day. We just love this food! And the guys working there are all really great and mom usually let us out to run free on the fields there for a while. It’s really isolated so quite safe. This time it was really windy and rainy and horrible.. but we really had to go potty.. We had been in that car for two countries! That’s like forever! But then Nimbus decided he’d rather pop into the production area to have a chat with the guys there. He even got a snack. Mom said that’s a shame, ’cause now he’ll certainly do it again. Of course he will. It was great fun. Then Coco followed and took a trip in there too. Bajas was the only one who went straight back to the car/crate. He’s such a mommy’s boy.

While mom carried in the groceries Nimbus checked out the trunk. It sure was food in there!
It was Halloween after all, so he tried to make his scariest face when caught! Let’s get a close-up. This picture almost made mom laugh to death. We’ve no idea why.

While mom got all 60kilos (sorry.. we’re metric) packed and stuffed in the freezer we all helped mom test the quality of the food. Tasted just yummy… We suggested to just eat it all and go back for more the next day, but sometimes she’ll just not listen to reason.. Oh well.. At least there’s no more kibble! Hooray!