Trick of the day 13 wipe your paws

We’ve been working on the thirteenth trick from FreestyleHundar’s trick challenge.

FHTOTD 13 video 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

First session

FHTOTD 13 video 2 pips from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Pipette’s second session. She’s so CUTE!

FHTOTD 13 video 2 gummi from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

Gummi finished his trick today! Doing it outside might be too much distraction for Pipette at the moment but we’ll see! Doing it from a meter away is the criteria, so she can finish her trick indoors if necessary.

Trick of the day #11 Tidying up

Triks 11 video 1 from The WriggleButts on Vimeo.

We’ve completed another one of Freestylehundar’s Trick of the day challenges! This time Gummi had to tidy up 3 objects in one session. Since we’ve worked with similar things already it wasn’t a great challenge. It was all about convincing Gummi the toy he’d already put in the box couldn’t just be picked back up and deposited again for a new treat. ūüėČ

Mom and PA went to Thailand for a couple of weeks so we only had two weeks instead of four, so it was good to have a head start!

Very Tricky

Just like a while back (grabbing mom that drink from the cupboard) we’re doing Freestylehundar‘s “trick of the day” challenge which gave us 4 weeks to learn to march a minimum of 4 unaided steps. This is our progress so far!

The deadline is Monday, though, so we’ll have to work really really hard tomorrow if we’re going to make it! Either way we’re having fun and that’s the important part. Hope you’re all having lots of fun this weekend!

Kisses, Gummi

Very Tricksy,,

Today I thought I’d show you all one of my talents! As you can see I’m a pretty talented dancer!

Oh! And the gift we won from Patience and the Waggle (despite the C A T ) arrived today! We gave the candle to PA and hope he will enjoy a good book, a cup of tea in poop-candlelight one of these rainy autumn nights.

Oh.. And P – I promise to keep your secret!

Kisses, Bajas