Turn learning into a game!

Hi everyone!

We just wanted to give you a heads up – Susan Garrett has this great free “webinar” at the moment about how you can make learning games. That should be great for two-legged and four-legged alike, so we wanted to give you the link! Mom really wants to sign up to the online class Recallers 3.0 but it’s probably going to be too pricey.. We all love making training games, though. Here’s the link: http://www.brilliantrecalls.com/sq/8030-for-the-love-of-games

Something completely different.. Remember how Mom is a complete clutz? Well, she’s done it again. When we came home from training on Wednesday she slipped on a patch of ice and banged her knee. She didn’t think it was so bad until she got back up from the couch to get to bed.. She couldn’t put any weight on it at all.. So Thursday morning she was getting up early and heading to an obligatory class.. but instead she had to crawl back to bed.. It was just too painful and she didn’t dare try to drive (or get into the car for that matter). Thankfully (for her) P.A. had a day off and could drive her to the doctor and then to the hospital for x-rays. Nothing broken, thankfully. Today she’s already able to bend the knee a little so in the end it wasn’t so bad. Plus – she was supposed to work this weekend, but since she can’t walk she’ll stay home with us! Yay! Better trip her again soon!

oktober 2010

A year ago we had already encountered a little snow by now.. Now we’ve got lots of frost on the trees but still no snow.. Actually it’s RAINING outside as we’re typing this. Can you believe it? Minus 2 degrees C and rain.. Better tell P.A. to drive safely on his way home from work. Is Gummi NEVER going to see proper snow or what?!
oktober 2010

Happy kisses..
oktober 2010

oktober 2010

oktober 2010

Bajas ❤

PuppyLessons are everywhere

I think that having a puppy makes you very aware of your environment and the potential lessons you can teach the pup. Like balance, for instance!

Strange surfaces are another – I’ll make Gummi go onto any strange thing I can find.

There was a little balance lesson in there, too, but less pronounced than on the log.

Any place/object you always introduce your puppy to? Or other important lessons you always remember? Please tell us about them, it’s always nice to hear what others think and get new ideas.