Clap your hands say yeah! (and Ike)

Virus is clapping for his new itsy bitsy toy! (He loves it! Thank you!)
He’s also clapping for the fact that he’s getting fluffier and curlier!

See that fluffy little tail!

We also clap our hand for the wonderful people helping people in need! One of our fellow WW’ers – Whippet World members that is – is offering shelter to someone in need!

If you evacuate and have a travel trailer or motor home we can
accomodate a few of you-all – we can let you use a 15 amp
elect hook-up and water – we have room for a lot more but
electricity would be a problem – we could accomodate many more
but you would have to be self contained – the storm is predicted
to be through here in NE oklahoma sometime sunday thru monday-
if it goes on the projected path we could receive somewhere around
4 to 6 inches of rain – our place is on the highest hill in creek county
so no worries of flooding here – its just going to be wet and maybe
a little breezy – temps will be rather nice thru monday – we have
about 3 tree covered acres that is usable – after clearing Houston
it is about an 8 hour drive here – remember you will most likely
be gone for awhile –

Let us know if you need or want to come – My cell phone
number is 918-520-0358

to others not in the path and know of someone on the road north
and are intouch by phone or other means let them know of our
offer –

permission granted to cross post