Thank you, Sweden!

Ok… so mom went shopping on Sunday, remember? Well.. It’s mostly grocery shopping (meat, for instance, is cheaper there), but she also tend to get our kibble there. It used to be much cheaper, but Auntie noticed the kitty kibble was much more expensive this time. Mom didn’t buy any, because they only had the tiny 2kg bags of kitten food and that’s not worth buying, really.. I have 15kilos from her last trip, so I didn’t get any either. (Unfair, huh?)

BUT.. She did bring us something!

These are little cat toys with chords in their tummies attached to a ring sticking out of their butts. When you pull the string out the toy vibrates. Well.. Mom and I have not seen these as ducks or snails before, but I used to LOVE this sort of toys as a puppy – just that they used to be hamsters – and I would pull and pull the string holding the toy in my paws. (Don’t worry, Girl Girl, I won’t try pulling strings out of your butt! I promise!) So mom got a couple of these – as they were cute as well, if not as round and easy to hold as the hammie ones I had as a pup..

So – here’s me pulling the string! The video is pretty lousy, as I insisted to only do so if Mom would hold it and I could stand on her lap…


PeeEss: There’s another funny story from that trip, but Mom is insisting I turn the computer off as it’s 1AM and she’ll have to get back up at 6AM…
PeePeeEss: Thanks for all nice comments on the tomato sauce post! Please let me know if you try it out – and I’ll let Mom know!