Snake bite!


We were almost home from our walk this morning when Gummi was bit by a snake.. It was our only poisonous, one the Common European Viper/Adder ( I gave him prednisolone right away to keep the swelling down (he was bit on the nose) and off to the vet where we he got some shots and he’ll be on pred and antibiotics for a while.. Unless he suddenly appears ill now in the beginning he’ll probably be okay, though kidney issues and heart issues can turn up after a while.. I have to keep him calm for at least a week, now that will be a challenge!

I’m not feeling so good, Mom, I think I’ll just lie down for a while..

Please keep your paws and finger crossed he won’t have any after effects! At least we had a good two hours in the woods before it happened, so he’ll be okay inside for today at least. ūüėČ