Sleepyheads – part II

So.. More sleepypix. We’re just so darn cute when we’re sleeping. Plus we’ve been practicing real hard our syncronized sleeping skills!
A bit uneven…
Better.. better…

Now this might be a new move (or lack of)!

Looking pretty good, huh? It takes lots of training, but we’re getting there!


Sleepy Thursday

Hi guys! Virus here! We stayed up to 5AM yesterday… so after that we’ve sorta just been…



Oh – and CONGRATULATION to all Americans with your new president. Bajas and I are, obviously, especially proud as he’s black – like us! It’s our very favourite colour! Mom seemed very happy. I suppose most foreigners are. Allthough Mom said something about many being a bit naive and expecting all to be cozy from now on. He won’t just be the world’s nice big brother. But it sure will be an improvement, and definately the best choice for foreign politics!

Sleepy purrs,


It’s Wednesday morning. The wall clock is ticking towards 4 AM.

Mom would say she’s switching between CNN and our national network NRK, but she’s knitting. And with her (lack of) skill she’s keeping her eye on the work rather than the TV. It could be called radio if you ask me!

I’m doing my best to support her.. You stay awake, Mom, I’ll do the sleeping for you!

Virus is finally falling asleep, too.. After “helping” Mom with the knitting.. He ran off with one of the needles! In the end Mom undid the entire thing and startet from scratch.. So now she’s back where she started… BOL..

Snores and sneezes,

Sleepy Friday

Hi friends!

I’m sorry I did not post or visit anybody yesterday but Mom was real tired so I had to spend my time with her on the coach once she got home. She’s managed to accept an offer to do the vocals for the company band. It’s not very serious stuff, but the place she works turn 10yrs this year and they’re having a big party this fall where they’re performing so there’s a bit of practice ahead of that..

So today we’re just going to r e l a x. And we wish you all a very relaxing weekend.

Virus is already sleeping in style!
Here’s another one of my weird sleeping position the other day..
What I really like about Virus is that he like to rest his head on something while sleeping – just like me!
Me asleep on Mom’s bedside table a while ago.. (she woke up and found me snoring up there.. BOL!)


Bajas is home :)

The little guy is stil asleep on the back of the sofa so I’ll let him sleep and just post for him. He tried to post last night when we got home and he was still running around jumping with joy, but blogger wouldn’t cooperate. He’s slept ever since.. I dragged him outside to potty this morning, though. I wish I could join him on the couch, but I’ve got to get to school and then a healt exam (we have to do them every three years to be allowed to work on the trains as it’s a security related job)… Wish me luck, I just hate having my hearing tested (I feel I hear sounds all the time, and haven’t the faintest idea if they’re for real.. even though my hearing is normal.. LOL..)

Sleepy Monday greetings,