The view from the afternoon!

This is the view from grandpa’s terrace.. Not bad, huh?
His knee isn’t beeing very good to him, so he can’t walk too much, but he can carry his kayak down to the beach and go anywhere on the fjord!
Mom and I stayed on the solid ground.
That wasn’t too bad either!
Now isn’t that rather idyllic? 🙂

I hope you’re still all having FUN!


Weekend of Waiting – part 4

I thought I’d share a few pix from our trip to Bergen.. There’s some real pretty scenery when crossing the mountains.

It goes whizzing by! Little kitty asleep in Mom’s lap..
Snow and fog..
Almost on the top!
The poor cell phone cam couldn’t quite cope with all the white.. But I think it turned out rather pretty!


Remember all the pretty yarn? The greens were for a certain little project.. Wanna see?

I thought so..




Time for some felting!

Now there’s the little Grass!

I’m a little weird, I know, but at least I think he’s real cute! It’s the Grass pattern from Mochimochi! And he won’t be a dog nor cat toy.


The view from the afternoon

So we might not have gotten outside much, but you can’t really complain with this view. (Yup, she did go outside to take the picture, but it’s still the main view.)

Venturing a bit further into the garden for this shot. There’s a tiny bit of beach between the garden and the lake. Nimbus went down there to poop apart from that we stayed away from the water. Nimbus once went for a swim in January. Not this time, though.
New Years Eve – trying to get some dessert. Uh.. Well.. That IS his second dessert, eaten on the couch around midnight (that would be the third or fourth helping if anyone is counting).
Mom had a bit of a laugh about our crating. She’d like to point out that we DO have more crates, but that we whine so much when we’re crated separately and this is the largest one that’ll fit in her car. She did try to put us in multiple crates in the car once for a long trip. Can you imagine? Crated alone in the car??? We made so much noise she caved in and pulled over to put us back together, though. Hah! That taught her!

Garden – couch – crate.. Yeah.. That’s pretty much our New Years! Mom is still sick so that’s pretty much what our January is like so far, too! Hope you’re all healthy and doing loads of fun stuff. We’ll be better at getting updated with your adventures soon!

Sleepy snores,
the WriggleButts