We WON something!¬®+ request

We are the proud winners of the cool POOP CANDLE from Patience and the Waggle!

(P – if we’re not allowed to steal your poo picture, please let me know!)

I also have a request… One of Mom’s subjects this semester is American culture and part of what they’re going through is geograpy, the states/mountains/rivers etcetera.. Sooo.. I thought if those of you living in the US would bother to tell a bit about your region Mom would be able to learn something (while reading blogs rather than studying) and having some more connections to the various places.

For instance – Mom’s only knowledge of Kentucky is that it contains the city of Paducah(with an artist relocation programme), nine wonderful whippets and a brillient writer. ūüėČ

The little curlie have been approaching me more lately – he’s even come up to me and pawed my legs a couple of times.. Maybe he want to play..

Kisses, Bajas!