The WriggleButts on Norway – NORWAY

Time for another little lesson for our foreign friends. Here come the basic facts we should have posted first, but since we had all the funny pictures from Oslo we decided to take things in a less than logical order. We’re dogs – what do you expect?

So this is Norway… or a drawing of Norway anyways – and it’s a democratic monarchy in Scandinavia a part of northern Europe, but we’re not part of the European Union. We border to Sweden, Finnland and Russia and it’s a very tall and skinny country. It’s not like a pug, but more like a whippet in other words. Area:385 155 km2

This is our flag – so like our friends in the US our colours are red, white and blue!
Our Head of State is His Majesty King Harald V of Norway and our Head of Government is Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

May 17 1814 in the town of Eidsvoll our constitution was finalised and we separated from our union with Denmark. Well… we didn’t do it because we were not born yet. But you might remember that one of the guys was from Mom’s home town and we’ve shown you the statue in his memory before, but we’ll do it again. Many people believe the unions we were in with Sweden and Denmark before finally getting our independence in 1814 is a reason why we’re not part of the European Union. We just love our independence too much.

On our constitutional day all the children and lots of adults gather here – we’ll try to tell you more about our celebration in May when the actual day arrives. Mom is actually having the day off this year (very unusual) and we’ll try to go out and celebrate and take pictures of all the fun for you guys to enjoy. Unlike in most countries (to our knowledge, anyways) the day is mainly a day for the children.

The currency used to buy dog food, pig tails and other edibles (and apparently other stuff too if you care) is Norwegian kroner (krone = crown) refered to as NOK. 1 NOK = 100 øre. Oh.. and we have 3 extra letters in our alphabet compared to the English version. They are Æ(æ), Ø(ø) and Å(å).

That will do for now – we hope it wasn’t too boring and that you learnt a bit! Learning is good for your brain – then you will be even better at doing clever stuff in the future. Like stealing food off the counter or finding that yummy something that’s hidden from you.


the (oh so smart) WriggleButts

Pee Ess/edited to add:

Sweet Roxy wondered where in Norway we are – and here we’ve added another picture to show you. We live in what is concidered eastern Norway – as you can see it’s also in the shouth.. (it’s too skinny a country to concider the eastern part to go all the way to the top.. Tee hee…)