So – much – cuteness!

Hi guys!

Virus and Hyssy are being very proud these days. The beautiful Pralinë gave birth to four wonderful kittens on 4 December. 2 boys, 2 girls. Their nephews and nieces/grandchildren are most adorable. Although they are still mainly “kitten dough” and not so much cats.


3 days old and too cute for words!

Mom and her little black/white son. They really look a lot alike. Just a shame they live far away in Gothenburg, Sweden. At least that makes it a little easier to resist their cuteness. There’s no room for any more kitties in our apartment, that’s for sure.


Monday Cuteness!

We thought your Monday needed a sprinkling of cuteness. These are actually a few weeks ago so in many way they’re probably cuter than what they are now. They’re turning into more youngsters than kittens, now…

Pralinë is such a pretty girl! Mom will get to kiss her this weekend at the show!


Pjotr – the white on his legs is so cool!

One more of Pia.. Cutie!

Tired, too!

All 4 of them @ 11 weeks

Hi there, guys!

Ohh.. And we have a SECRET! Tee hee…


Sad, cute and wordy Wednesday.

UPDATE: Spice had a seizure last night and was rushed to the vet. She’s resting with her missed and beloved family now. We hope her brother will enjoy the rest of his time with the waggle and not miss her too much. We are so very sad. Rest in peace, sweetie!

We’re still very sad around here thinking about Patience and Bill and Spice and the Warburton crew. We have known them for years through the great whippet forum WhippetWorld. Spice (and brother Easy) used to belong to the Mountans who unfortunately passed away, leaving behind loving dogs and friends. We did not know them well, but Carolyn (coat maker xtraordinaire) was on WhippetWorld, too, plus we know how many people loved them. Many of you will already have read P’s post about their arrival; but I thought I’d post the link in case you don’ know them (we recommend you get to know them – they’re great, and Patience is the most talented writer we know) and got a bit curious yesterday.

That said – we’re all in need a pick-me-up, and what makes you better than baby animals? Here are Virus and Våfflan’s babies at 4 weeks!


The boys


Boy #2 – how cute is that hind leg???


Pia – the little cutie!


Pralinë – the second girl. Cute as a button!


Let us out of here, will you?!!?

We hope this put a smile on your faces!

Bajas & Virus

More Monday cuteness.

The kittens turned two on Friday and I got new pix of them yesterday.

Boy #2

Boy #1

Girl with beauty mark – her registred name will be (N) Mega Miaow’s Pia

And the other girl is called (N) Mega Miaow’s Pralinë.

Today I’m going back to school – keep your fingers and paws crossed that my poor feet will manage the increased amount of walking. That stupid tendonitis really ought to go away. (You hear that, feet???)

Have a great week, guys!
Ane 🙂

Cuteness overload on a Monday!

Hi friends!

Time to show off my babies properly! Two boys and two girls were born on Friday night – all are black and white – little calves?

Kitten pile!

This is the baby boy I showed you on Saturday.

Hehehe…. The kitten on the right and in the bottom of the heap are the girls, on the left plus on top you find the boys.

The other baby boy is sooo tired.

One of the baby girls.

All pictures are of course (c) Lene Aklestad of Mega Miaow’s cattery.

Proud purrs,

PeeEss: I got some comments about not knowing about this – we have posted a few posts before so here you can see my date and some of the fun we had if you want:

The announcement:

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