Good thoughts, please!

This is Minmin. She’s a rescue, currently at the shelter where our auntie volunteers. Our auntie really wants this cat, she’s 5yrs old even though to us she looks just like a kitten. Isn’t she just too cute? We love the black spots by her ears!

But you see there’s a problem with aunties apartment. She bought her new apartment this spring, but then this summer it turns out the people fixing up the bathroom drilled into a pipe and the apartment underneath ended up having water seeping down. So after just a few months she’s been “homeless” while they had to redo the bathroom, open everything up to dry and right now it’s been about 3months.. They give her some money, but not enough to find somewhere else to live and so she’s been living with relatives with her cat, Herbert (a deaf rescue) and two guinea pigs. We love auntie and our buddies Herbert and Theodor (guinea pig). The second guinea pig is afraid of us, so we don’t really know him well.

(See? They’re all the best of friends, and they’re our friends too!
We’re really friendly dogs, you see!)

Anyways… We’ve been hoping that the apartment will be finished before anyone adopts Minmin because we want to get to know HER too. But today we got some upsetting news. Minmin is sick. It’s just a cold, but she’s rather sick.. poor girl.. And if you’ll all send her some healing thoughts we’d really apreciate it! And we promise if you send some good thoughts about that apartment, too, we’ll keep you posted on the progress! Hopefully the apt will be finished soon, Minmin will be all well and we’ll all get to know her better!