Moaning Monday
Mom was mean today and left us all alone and went to Sweden to shop. Yes, she got us dog food. Yes, she got us stuff. Yes, she’s still a meanie. Here’s what I thought about it. You have to keep your head sideways to see it straight ’cause stupid (not just mean) mom couldn’t keep her phone the right way while recording OR turn it afterwards.


Nimbus the Birthday Boy

Hi Fans!
Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes! I had a pretty good day, with a few exceptions. I’ve always known Mom is a meanie – but she actually said this little RAT is me. Hah.. I totally wasn’t a rat when I was young. I’m slender and beautiful (and totally M A C H O !)
So I made faces at her – that taught her a lesson!
See? I’m totally not of rat descent!
Could a rat do this? I think not!
I spent most of my day cuddling up with mom and playing our silly game where she’ll blow on my nose and I’ll give her kisses and hugs and roo-roo at her. And I got some of her leftover meat. And it wasn’t all together bad. Not very bad at all. Apart from the rat part.

Birthday kisses,
Nimbus the slender W H I P P E T !

Super Tongue

As you might have heard I spent my weekend with Auntie and her animals – the three guinea pigs (Theodor, Lillebror (Little brother in Norwegian) and Ludvig) and Herbert the cat. I’ll post more pictures of me and my buddy Herbert later. But when I arrived at my Aunties I almost immediately started having some trouble with my tummy.. She texted mom about me having diharrea and plenty of gas (I have no idea why auntie complained about that.. It smells lovely!).. so she gave me some yoghurt. Mom had a major laugh watching me (or actually mainly my tongue)..

PeeEss: I’m feeling all better now!

Kisses (with plenty of tongue) from Nimbus

All alone!

Hi everydoggie, hammie and human alike!
Shortly after we got home from our walkies today, someone knocked on the door. It was our neighbour girl Kaja and a friend wanting to take a pug or two out for a walk. I, being a sighthound after all, am not allowed to go out with the girls all alone.

The stupid, well behaved pugs are, however. With Bajas and Coco out of the way I had Mom, the couch, the rawhide and the blanket all to MYSELF! Muahahahaha… I gnawed and gnawed the rawhide and then I cuddled with Mom.
Then later, after the puggies came back inside Auntie Anna turned up and I got to go for a second walk too. Mom brought Bajas, Coco didn’t want to go outside in the cold anymore. Two walkies was sufficient, so she stayed at home all alone.

I’ve had like the bestest Sunday in ages! Hope you’ve all had great weekends too!

Smooches, Nimbus

The puppy human

This is our buddy Fenris. A few years back we shared an apt with him and his mom, our bestest Auntie Lene. Then they moved to a city Far Far Away. That makes us really sad. But that’s not really the point. He just became a big brother to a tiny human puppy. And this week Lene and puppy Leah came down south and we got to take her for walkies!

This is Auntie Lene and Fenris’ son, Morris, who live with them too(before the puppy hatched). We haven’t met Morris yet, because they live so Far Far Away. Mom have, though. Rather unfair in our opinion.

Anyway – we got to take puppy Leah for walkies yesterday. They came down on a plane, so the doggies didn’t come, they’re home with their daddy. Thus we just made sure Auntie Lene and puppy Leah got sufficient protection. Here’s a few pictures Mom took. The poor puppy was rather tired.

Oh so very, very sleepy…
Then they put her into this terrifying, rolling crate. Mom and Auntie Lene and the pugs didn’t seem the slightest bit worried. This meant I had to worry for all of us. Let’s just say I was rather worried. I love puppy humans. I’m not too fond of puppy dogs, they thend to be just as scary as the big thing. But puppy humans are less scary than big humans. Mom find this rather surprising… But I just want to inform you that they grow out of the not-dangarous-age rather quickly. So spend your time well. Anyways…

We walked into the dark and cold, but I kept watch. I saved her from kids playing soccer, two dogs and a couple of joggers. I constantly kept an eye on the Evil Rolling Crate and it didn’t dare to complete it’s Evil Plot and run away with puppy Leah.

I’m also posting a picture of my cute puppy self and the human puppy my breeder had. Mom thinks it’s supercute, but since it’s not her picture she’s posting the link rather than posting it here. It’s nothing scary so please go look – I was supercute! We’re working together to figure out how the world works.
Me and Nic – picture


I’m Nimbus

So.. Finally time to properly introduce myself! My registred name is Marbleize Caesarean Marvel, but I’m usually refered to as “Nimbus”.. Or stiLk (sort of resembling the noun “stalk” as I’m rather slender compared to the pugs).

This is me and my littermates – my brothers Zorro and Tim.
And these are the puppy eyes that completely wrapped my Mom around my tiny little paw. Cute, huh? I’m 5 weeks old.
It’s not that I’m bragging about my medal or anything.. ROFL.. I went BOB and also had a couple of group placements as a puppy.
I love my brother.. He’s good for wrestling and all sorts of stuff, but most importently is the curling up into one big furball on the couch. They are great heaters, pugs, I can recommend them to any Whippet out there! Rather.. ahem.. well padded, too.. so they’re comfy to sleep on!

Here I’m having a bath. I’m not particulary fond of water, though. Mom have no idea why I decided that the one time to go swimming volountarly for the first time was January 15th.. It was a bit of snow and ice outside, but then the water didn’t seem as cold as in summer. Really!!
I’ve never really figured out why Whippies aren’t supposed to like the snow. I love snow.. You can run and be silly in snow. And short-legged pugs are even slower in snow. If it’s really cold and I have to stand still Mom make me wear a coat. I hate coats.. They’re horrible. I prefer to be naked.. I hate harnesses too.. Anything to wear isn’t a good idea in my opinion. Blankets excluded, of course! I love blankets!!!
And I just wanted to point out that I’m fully capable of sticking my tongue out just like the pugs. Hah!
I’ve got my Lure Coursing lisence, but my no good human haven’t taken me for any practices or trials for a long time.. Sniff…
I’ve just tried a tiny bit of agility. It’s great fun, but there’s always so many other dogs there. ūüė¶ I don’t like other dogs too much. I never have. But once I get to know everydoggie (and humans too) they generally turn out to be much nicer than expected!

I love to run.. Did I mention that? Mom love my flapping-in-the-wind ears.. Here I’m running on one of my favourite beaches. The very same where I went for the swim, actually!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my pictures. I might be the last one to get to write my presentation, but that’s just because the pugs wanted to be first to avoid the embaressment of being so obviously less cute and funny than me!

Hugs (yes, I *do* give proper hugs!) and kisses, Nimbus.